News & Publications

13 Jun, 2016
Avril group publishes 2015 Sustainability Report: “5 commitments integrated in the Group’s strategic plan, Avril 2020”
06 Jun, 2016
"French biodiesel is tainted by association", an op-ed article by Jean-Philippe PUIG, CEO of Avril
01 Jun, 2016
Avril Group publishes 2015 Activity Report:“New ambitions to build the future”
20 Apr, 2016
Avril forced to make short-term adjustments to its biodiesel production in 2016
03 Mar, 2016
Avril and INRA combine forces to better respond to the future challenges facing French and global agriculture
28 Jan, 2016
To promote the diversity of its activities and the wealth of its talents, Avril is offering you an opportunity to discover some of its emblematic skills through 19 of our employees, who agreed to put themselves in front of the camera and become ambassadors of the Avril Group.