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  • A new spring for the oils and proteins sector

  • Our core mission: better nutrition for people

  • Avril: partner to 27,000 livestock farmers

  • Committed to tomorrow's chemistry

  • Pioneering biofuels with biodiesel

  • Turnover of €7 billion
  • in animal nutrition in France
  • employees
  • in oilseed crushing in France
  • in eggs in France
  • in table oil production in France, Morocco and Romania
  • in biodiesel production
  • in oleochemistry in Europe


Specialised in slaughtering and cutting up pigs, Abera provides quality service and "tailor-made" products to wholesalers and industrial pork butchers within and outside France. Thanks to its 800 partner livestock farmers and modern, efficient facilities, Abera has been one of France's top ten pork abattoirs for more than 20 years.

Website of Abera


The French leader in its sector, Adonial helps food processing manufacturers develop by-products and output gaps in top quality raw materials intended for animal nutrition. It thus provides solutions to feed manufacturers and livestock farmers, combining nutritional performance and competitive prices.

Website of Adonial


A company of the Avril Oilseeds division established in Romania, Expur collects rapeseeds and sunflower seeds and transforms them into edible oil for human nutrition, oilseed meal for animal nutrition, and biodiesel. Expur also packages its table oils and sells them under its own or distributor brands.

Website of Expur


A company of the Avril Oilseeds division, Lesieur develops, packages and markets edible vegetable oils and condiment sauces in France for consumers, foodservice catering and the food-processing industries.

Website of Lesieur


Matines is the number 1 egg brand in France. Created in 1985, the Matines brand has become the most recognised and popular egg brand in the country, and leads the egg market thanks to numerous original initiatives that have marked the history of egg production: free-range eggs, Label Rouge, organic products, etc.

Website of Matines


An innovative company with expertise in nutrition and animal products, MiXscience provides its customers – companies in French and international animal production sectors – with a wide range of products and services: sector organisation consultancy, zootechnical and nutrition expertise, premix production, industrial expertise in animal nutrition, and the design of nutritional and mineral solutions.

Website of MiXscience


A company of Avril oilseeds division established in Italy, Novaol produces and sells biodiesel and refined vegetable glycerin made from vegetable oils.
Biodiesel and vegetable glycerin production activities ofApril in Italy (Novaol) and Germany (New) are held by Diester Industrie International (DII ), being itself a subsidiary of Saipol (60 %) and Bunge (40%).

Website of Novaol

Lesieur Cristal

A company of the Avril Oilseeds division, Lesieur Cristal develops, packages and markets a comprehensive range of brands in Morocco: oils, condiment sauces, soaps and hygiene products.

Website of Lesieur Cristal


A company of the Avril Oilseeds division, Oleon designs and produces molecules and ingredients from vegetable oils and animal fats, which are marketed to numerous industries (pharmaceutical, chemistry, food-processing, energy, detergents, public building works, etc.) as renewable solutions that combine technological performances, respect for people and the preservation of the environment.

Website of Oleon


Specialising in the creation of ready-to-use egg products, Ovipac offers a whole range of fresh, dry and frozen ovoproducts designed for foodservices (commercial catering, collective catering and bakers/pastry-makers).

Website of Ovipac


A company of the Avril Oilseeds division, Saipol produces and markets in France refined vegetable oils for human nutrition, protein-rich oilseed meal for animal nutrition, biodiesel under the Diester® brand for incorporation into petroleum diesel, and the vegetable glycerine used by numerous industries.


France's leader in animal nutrition, Sanders contributes a whole range of responses to the expectations and needs of all companies in the animal product sectors. Sanders undertakes to keep its promise on a daily basis: to provide added value to livestock farmers, manufacturers, and consumers, while responding to societal and environmental concerns.

Website of Sanders


For nearly 50 years, Sopral has been cultivating its expertise as a dog, cat and horse food manufacturer by providing innovative nutritional solutions, which it sells to professionals and specialist channels. Sopral notably possesses sophisticated expertise in the manufacture of dry extruded food for cats and dogs under the Pro-Nutrition Flatazor brand, and high-quality flaked horse feed under the Dynavena brand.

Website of Sopral


A specialist in fertilisers and the development of organic by-products, Terrial enables farmers to limit the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides while improving the qualitative criteria of products.

Website of Terrial


Theseo designs, produces and markets products and services for hygiene in buildings and animals, breeding equipment and water treatment. Thanks to its RDI department and external business development partners, Theseo deploys innovative solutions within and outside France to improve health security, animal well-being and the performance of all kinds of livestock farms.

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