Business lines

Varied and complementary businesses

To fulfil its mission, Avril has built up an industry that processes and valorises oilseeds, rich in oils and proteins, in a chain organisation.
From seed to consumer, Avril's business lines link up and complement each other, creating an industrial complex that serves the farming world and responds to numerous requirements.

Avril's role in nutrition is part of its mission and its sustainable development commitments. In the sphere of human nutrition, Avril has become a significant player in the food processing industry with high quality brands like Lesieur, Puget and Matines. As regards animal nutrition and expertise, the Group relies on a leading brand, Sanders, and is developing comprehensive expertise to assist farmers in the management of their animal products.   

And because vegetable oils are renewable resources with multiple properties, Avril has developed its activities in two areas of the future: renewable energies, where the Group is a pioneer with Diester® biodiesel, and renewable chemistry, to design products friendly to both people and nature.

What links all these business lines apart from their chain organisation is the way in which Avril runs them – with a deep-rooted sense of sustainable commitment. The Group's constant investment in Research Development and Innovation also enables the agricultural world to provide solutions for the future, notably in terms of energy resources and environmental preservation.