With over 8,000 employees, a third of whom work outside France, Avril is a top-ranking industrial and financial group, which holds a portfolio of leading brands in their markets such as Diester®, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget and Matines. What makes it so special? Before being a group, Avril is a project, which was initiated over 30 years ago by the farming world in view of valorising everything in every possible way, from the seed to the consumer, to benefit the oils and proteins sectors. To give life to this project, Avril thought up a highly original economic model whose DNA is made up of sustainable development and Research Development and Innovation. As a result, its employees can find true meaning in their daily actions. Avril also means a wide variety of professions in sectors as diverse as human nutrition, animal nutrition and expertise, and renewable energies and chemistry. Joining Avril means joining the world of tomorrow. You can find all our offers for jobs, placements and work experience contracts on our site: