Arnaud ROUSSEAU succeeds Xavier BEULIN as Chairman of AVRIL GESTION - Sébastien WINDSOR joins the Board

Arnaud ROUSSEAU succeeds Xavier BEULIN as Chairman of AVRIL GESTION - Sébastien WINDSOR joins the Board

During an Extraordinary Meeting this morning, the Directors of AVRIL GESTION elected Arnaud ROUSSEAU to be Chairman of its Board.

He succeeds Xavier BEULIN, who died suddenly on 19 February.  

The Directors also approved the appointment of Sébastien WINDSOR as a member of the Board.

The Board thus comprises nine members:

  • Four farmers from the FOP[1]: Arnaud ROUSSEAU, Chairman of the FOP; Gérard TUBERY, Chairman of AGROPOL[2]; Bernard de VERNEUIL, officer and Board member of the FOP; Sébastien WINDSOR, Vice-Chairman of the FOP Board and Chairman of TERRES INOVIA[3]
  • Three qualified personalities: Jean-Pierre DENIS, Chairman of CREDIT MUTUEL ARKEA and CREDIT MUTUEL DE BRETAGNE; Anne LAUVERGEON, CEO of ALP SERVICES and Chair of SIGFOX; Pierre PRINGUET, Vice-Chairman of the Board of PERNOD RICARD. 
  • Two previous managers or agents of the AVRIL GROUP: Sylvie RUCAR, consultant; Alain MIROT, former manager of SIA[4].

* * *

Arnaud ROUSSEAU, 43 years old

Arnaud ROUSSEAU originates from the Seine-et-Marne region where he operates a farm producing rapeseed, protein crops, wheat, sugar beet and maize.

Closely involved in the FOP since his election as a Board member in 2005, and was its Vice-Chairman, responsible notably for the CAP and European and international affairs, until his election as Chairman of the FOP in February 2017.

He chairs the COPA/COGEGCA Oilseed and Protein Crop Working Group, is a member of the FNSEA Board and is particularly closely involved in efforts in his own region, where he chairs the FDSEA and is Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture.

Sébastien WINDSOR, 46 years old

Sébastien WINDSOR has been Chairman of TERRES INOVIA since June 2016.

He qualified from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy and is the son of a farmer. His dual skills as an engineer and farmer mean he is exemplary of the links between the world of farming and that of industry.

He took over operation of the family farm near Rouen in 1998, specialized in mixed farming and pig rearing.

In 2007, he was elected to the Chamber of Agriculture in Seine-Maritime and became its Chairman in 2013. In 2011, he joined the FOP, becoming its Secretary-General in 2014 and then Vice-Chairman in 2016.







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[1] French Federation of Oilseed and Protein Crop Producers.

[2] A structure for international cooperation in the oilseed and protein sector, designed to foster partnerships and exchanges between producers in northern and southern countries.

[3] Technical Center for Oilseed Crops, Grain Legumes and Industrial Hemp.

[4] Assistance and Development in the Oilseed sector.