Climate change: the AVRIL Group and its subsidiary SAIPOL address the French to reaffirm the environmental, economic and social contributions of Diester®, biodiesel made in France

Climate change: the AVRIL Group and its subsidiary SAIPOL address the French to reaffirm the environmental, economic and social contributions of Diester®, biodiesel made in France

Paris, 7 June 2017 – At a time when the USA has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Accords, the AVRIL Group and its subsidiary SAIPOL are today launching a communication campaign focused on Diester®, its "biodiesel Made in France". For several years now, Diester® biodiesel has suffered from preconceptions based on a lack of understanding of the biodiesel sector, its technologies and the results it generates, particularly regarding its environmental performance but also its economic and social impacts. This campaign has a dual purpose: not only to rare awareness and provide information on Diester® but also to fully explain its environmental, economic and social benefits for the country.

In the context of the French parliamentary election campaign, nationwide information to promote the environmental, economic and social contributions of Diester®

This campaign is being initiated in response to the need to better inform the public on the history of this French success which started in the 1980s when the AVRIL Group imagined a new way to add value to French rapeseed – already used in human and animal nutrition – by transforming it into biodiesel that could reduce CO2 emissions. Diester® is now part of the daily lives of French motorists: 8% of biodiesel is added to diesel fuel by the oil companies – and this level even reaches 30% in certain buses and commercial vehicles – and it is available in all gas stations throughout the country. The campaign also aims to participate in the public debate on the issue of rapeseed biodiesel by highlighting its many contributions to French society:

Diester® is an efficient French innovation that serves the environment and climate: included in diesel fuel, it can significantly reduce transport-related CO2 emissions (60% reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming) and also diminish emissions of particulates. In practice, Diester® is now preventing the CO2 emissions of the equivalent of a million vehicles. Furthermore, the manufacture of Diester® is based on a renewable and locally-sourced raw material, rapeseed. The entire production chain also adheres to a responsible approach that is constantly updated.  

Diester® and the biodiesel sector participate in the vitality of French regions by offering sustainable markets for national agricultural sectors (animal nutrition, renewable chemistry). They provide non-relocatable employment for nearly 20,000 people, mainly in rural areas but also at SAIPOL’s five industrial sites (Grand-Couronne in Seine-Maritime, Bassens in Gironde, Sète in Hérault, Le Mériot in Aube, Montoir-de-Bretagne in Loire Atlantique) throughout the country. The sector makes a contribution worth €1.9 billion to French GDP.  

Diester® is a strategic national asset that ensures the independence of our agriculture and sovereignty with respect to feeds for French livestock. Rapeseed meals, which are by-products of Diester® (1 liter of Diester® =1.6 kg of meal) are a local and non-GMO source of vegetable protein for French livestock farms. In total, the production of rapeseed enables savings worth €500 million in imported vegetable proteins and covers 55% of French needs for these proteins.

Finally, the rapeseed used to produce Diester® biodiesel favors crop rotations and biodiversity. Grown between two other crops, it stimulates the yield of subsequent cereal harvests and reduces the quantities of fertilizer and plant health products required. It halts the development of weeds, breaks the cycle of certain diseases and protects the soil against erosion in the winter.

These contributions are realities which until now benefited from little visibility, but this campaign aims to ensure that they will be more clearly understood.

According to Jean-Philippe PUIG, the CEO of SCA AVRIL: "Diester® enables a 60% reduction in the greenhouse gases emitted by diesel vehicles: that is its mission in the world and in a country that is trying to control climate change. But Diester® is much more than that: it is an entire sector that contributes to employment, to the economic dynamism of our regions and to our national independence regarding vegetable proteins for our livestock. The aim of this campaign is therefore to declare our pride by highlighting the value of French know-how. In the same way as gastronomy, fashion or luxury goods, Diester® and French agriculture are also an incarnation of Made in France.”
For Arnaud ROUSSEAU, Chairman of the French Federation of Oilseed and Protein Crop Producers (FOP): “This novel campaign is important because it reflects the joint mobilization of all actors in the biodiesel sector, from the production of rapeseed to industrial sites, focused on two ideas: to make the voice of Diester® heard and to assure the future of this extraordinary innovation initiated by French farmers.”

The communication campaign: to reveal and explain the “Made in France” contribution of Diester®

Fashion, luxury and gastronomy are important symbols of Made in France. But do you know about Diester®? This rapeseed biodiesel, invented and developed by the AVRIL Group, is sown, grown and harvested in France, where it is also processed by industrial facilities belonging to SAIPOL, an AVRIL subsidiary, and then included in the diesel fuel used by the French in their vehicles. This renewable energy, with its deep roots in our regions, will be center stage of a novel advertising campaign planned from 6 to 17 June.

The campaign materials on “Diester®, le biodiesel Made in France“ will be published in the national and daily press and on the internet. They take the form of three ads which highlight the three key ways in which Diester® benefits the country: economic, environmental and agricultural. In parallel with launching this campaign, a new website called will be opened and provide information on rapeseed biodiesel “made in France”. The campaign will be reinforced by a digital presence on all major social networks involving the entire rapeseed production and processing sector, the AVRIL Group and its subsidiary SAIPOL.

The summer period will also provide an opportunity to reveal the new and updated Diester® logo that is evocative of rapeseed’s yellow flowers. This is combined with a brand signature which claims its origin, function and values: Diester® is the biodiesel Made in France.

The three ads of the campaign on Diester®, biodiesel Made in France can be accessed and downloaded from the following link:

About the AVRIL Group:

Avril is the industrial and finance actor of the French oilseeds and proteins sectors. Set up in 1983 at the initiative of French farmers in order to assure long-term markets for French products, Avril has become a major industrial and financial group that is developing in France and internationally. Avril is present in sectors as diverse as human foods, animal feeds and expertise, renewable energies and chemistry, and owns a portfolio of strong brands that are leaders in their markets: Diester®, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget, Matines, Bunica, Taous, etc. In nearly 35 years, the Group has changed in size but its purpose has remained the same: to create sustainable value in the vegetable oils and proteins sector while contributing to better foods for humans and preservation of the planet. To fulfil its mission, Avril draws strength from its industrial activities organized around plant production and livestock sectors, and from its financial arm which operates through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development company. In 2016, the Avril Group achieved turnover worth €5.9 billion. It counts 7200 employees working in 21 countries.
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