MATINES accelerates its transformation towards alternative eggs and presents plans to adapt its industrial organization

MATINES accelerates its transformation towards alternative eggs and presents plans to adapt its industrial organization

These plans aim to improve the competitiveness of MATINES and adapt the industrial organization of its shell egg packaging activities to market trends towards eggs from alternative production systems. They are based on a strong strategy capable of dealing with the challenges faced by the company in order to preserve its future and that of its partner livestock farmers.​

logo-matines.jpgParis, 9 November 2017 — This afternoon, Thursday 9 November, the managers of MATINES presented their plans to adapt the company’s shell egg packaging activities.

By implementing these plans, the company is aiming to accelerate its transformation towards alternative eggs (laid by free range and organic hens) and thus address the important challenge of a shell market that is seeing marked change, notably due to a downturn in the market for standard eggs (produced by hens housed in enriched cages).

This transformation responds to MATINES’ strong strategic ambition to reconquer its leadership in supermarkets and adapt to a market that is now driving growth towards alternative egg production systems.

This is now essential if we are to preserve the future of the company and restore its growth, while at the same time supporting the activities in different regions of numerous partner producers in the French egg sector.

At the same time, MATINES is fully aware that implementing these plans would require adaptations to its industrial organization and could cause the losses of some posts, closure of the site in Branges (Saône-et-Loire department) and the specialization of certain activities at the Naizin site (Morbihan department).

Although putting these plans into action would necessarily require adaptations of its industrial organization, MATINES aims to limit their social impact as much as possible. Although 72 posts would be likely to be lost, managers would be committed to minimizing actual job losses. The company would provide support for all the employees concerned and give priority to career changes or redeployments and mobility within the AVRIL Group.

The managers of AVRIL and MATINES are convinced of the company’s ability to successfully achieve this transformation and renew its growth. Indeed, AVRIL expressed its complete commitment to these plans in July 2017 by granting a €44 million increase in the capital of MATINES.
Presentation of these plans marks the opening of discussions with staff representatives and the launch of an information and consultation procedure.

MATINES counts 357 employees and seven shell egg packaging centers based in Branges (Saône-et-Loire – 58 employees), Brugnens (Gers – 26 employees), Chalamont (Ain – 48 employees), Montdidier (Somme – 62 employees), Montoldre (Allier – 9 employees), Naizin (Morbihan – 54 employees) and Trémorel (Côtes-d'Armor – 55 employees), as well as two administrative offices, one in Bruz (Ille-et-Vilaine – 10 employees) and one in Paris (head office, 35 employees).

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Born in 1985, MATINES is the leading French brand for shell eggs. A subsidiary of the AVRIL Group since 1994, its activities concern the packaging and marketing of eggs.
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