Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est present plans for the creation of an industrial joint venture serving the livestock sector in the north-east of France

Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est present plans for the creation of an industrial joint venture serving the livestock sector in the north-east of France

Friday, September 15, 2017 ― Nealia, a company of VIVESCIA Industries specializing in animal nutrition, and Sanders Nord-Est, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, have announced their plans to establish a joint industrial company in the north-east of France.

In an increasingly competitive market environment, where cost control is a major factor of performance and sustainability for both partners in the long term, the aim of this project is to establish an efficient industrial organization gathering all the production sites of Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est in the region*.

The creation of this joint venture should enable the partners to optimize their industrial costs and give rise to logistical synergies, since deliveries could be made directly from the factories closest to customers’ farms.

Under this alliance, the brands, distribution networks and support services of the two partners would retain their independence and continue to provide top levels of expertise, product quality and quality of service to their respective customers.

With this alliance serving the local livestock sector, Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est are demonstrating their shared determination to construct a responsible, cohesive and attractive project for all the farms in the communities concerned.

As benchmark players on their markets, both partners are convinced that this alliance can open up new development opportunities, resulting in improvements in the competitiveness and productivity of the farms in the region and of the entire sector.

This alliance, which is planned to come into effect on January 1st, 2018, remains subject to the standard procedures for informing and consulting the employee representative bodies of both Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est and to a final agreement between the two partners.

For Jean-Luc JONET, General Manager of Nealia: “The main objective of this alliance project is to strengthen our capacity to support livestock farmers in the north-east of France in the economic management of their farms. Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est thus give themselves the means to match their commitment to contribute to the development and growth of regional agriculture.”

For Bernard MAHE, General Manager of Sanders: “This partnership demonstrates the shared commitment of Sanders Nord-Est and Nealia for the future of the local livestock farming sector. It sends out a strong signal to farmers of our resolve to maintain the competitiveness of French animal productions in north-eastern France, despite a declining animal nutrition market.”


*This project should concern 3 Nealia factories located in Saint Martin sur le Pré (Marne), Pauvres (Ardennes) and Dompaire (Vosges), and 4 Sanders Nord-Est factories located in Landrecies (Nord), Rethel (Ardennes), Merlaut (Marne) and Einville au Jard (Meurthe-et-Moselle).


About Sanders Nord-Est

Sanders Nord-Est is one of the seven regional companies of Sanders. It supplies near 3,900 livestock farmers in all animal production sectors. In France, Sanders, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, is the national leader in animal nutrition, with 26,000 customers in the livestock sectors and 3.4 million tonnes of products sold under its brand. For more than 100 years, Sanders has supported the development of animal productions throughout France, through an organizational structure deeply rooted in local communities.


About Nealia

Nealia is a company specializing in animal nutrition in the Greater East of France. Born of the grouping of three regional players (Copam, Cadsar and Etienne), Nealia has 145 employees spread over 3 production sites manufacturing animal feeds for various sectors as well as a platform for the manufacture of moist feeds. As a market leader, the company distributes 405,000 tonnes of products per year to 6,000 breeders. It is controlled by two regional shareholders: VIVESCIA Industries (60%) and Luzeal (40%).





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