Provimi sells its liquid feed production business to Dielna (Avril Group)

Provimi sells its liquid feed production business to Dielna (Avril Group)

May 10, 2017

Dielna, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, and Provimi France (Cargill Group) have signed the deed of transfer of Provimi’s activity in the manufacture of liquid feed for ruminants in France to Dielna.

With this acquisition, Dielna is aiming to consolidate its position as the market leader in liquid feed for ruminants, in particular dairy cows, and to develop its presence in all regions of France.

The Provimi liquid feed activity is based at two production sites, including its main plant in Mayenne, at Saint-Aignan sur Roé, thereby providing Dielna with access to Brittany and to the southern part of Pays de la Loire, two of the main French centers for the dairy industry.

Provimi is number 2 on the liquid feed market, thanks to its network of about fifty main distributors.

Dielna is the leader on the liquid feed market, with total production of 35,000 metric tons, mainly at its Bourg Beaudouin plant near Rouen, combined with a powerful distribution network. The merging of these two market leaders will create industrial and logistic synergies, together with increased research and development facilities for the promotion of liquid feeds for all French livestock farmers.

For Olivier DIOUX, General Manager of Dielna: This operation will enable us to consolidate access to liquid feed for livestock farmers and will also broaden the scope of testing in animal husbandry, in order to demonstrate the benefits of these products in determining and controlling feed rations for dairy cows and beef cattle. Liquid feed plays an essential role in improving the digestibility of forage, reducing feed sorting by the animals and meeting their sugar requirements, resulting in improved technical and economic performance.” 

For Paul CUENCA, Chairman of Provimi France: “This sale comes as we are seeking to rationalize the organization of Provimi France and concentrate on our core business. In that context, the sale of our liquid feed business to the French market leader makes perfect sense. This takeover by a company specializing in liquid feed will secure the long-term development of this business.”


About Dielna:

Dielna, a member of the Avril Animal Specialties business line of the Avril Group, is a French company specializing in the manufacture of liquid feeds for ruminants and is the leading company on its market. Dielna has a turnover of 9 million euros, with a production of 35,000 metric tons. The companys modern, automated factory In Bourg-Beaudouin near Rouen is considered the benchmark for the sector. Dielna employs a total of 40 people, either directly or in its logistics subsidiary Agrotrans.

About Cargill

Cargill is an American company founded in 1865. It provides food, agricultural, industrial and financial products all around the world.  The company has 150,000 employees in 70 countries, working every day to nourish the world in a responsible way, by reducing environmental impact and aiding local communities.
Cargill has been present in France since 1964. Today it employs 2,300 people at 27 sites: Saint-Nazaire, Montoir, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Le Grand-Quevilly, Haubourdin, Orléans, Château-Gontier, Baupte, Redon, Strasbourg, Yffiniac, Baudrières, Crevin, Saint-Aignan-sur-Roë, Torcy, Carhaix and Treize Vents. Cargill operates in the following domains: grain and oilseeds trading, oilseeds processing, oil refining and bottling, malt production, poultry meat products, chocolate production, animal nutrition (Provimi and Neolait brands), production of starch and starch derivatives, specialized food ingredients and agricultural risk management. 




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