Sanders, an Avril Group Brand, reaffirms and broadens its commitments to its partner livestock farmes, the Agrifood infustry and consumers

Sanders, an Avril Group Brand, reaffirms and broadens its commitments to its partner livestock farmes, the Agrifood infustry and consumers

•    A specialist in animal nutrition, Sanders reaffirms its commitment to offering more support to all its partners in livestock production sectors.
•    An important stage in the life of this company which has specifically developed a new strapline to express its ambitions: "Nourrir nous engage" (Food is our commitment).
•    Sanders should therefore become the reference brand for the Avril Group through its development of sectors of excellence in livestock feeds and production under the "Engagés dans l’Elevage" (Committed to livestock) brand, with detailed specifications laying down stringent requirements integral to sustainable production at all levels in the value chain.  
•    An initiative illustrated at SPACE by the announcement of a new French pig sector in partnership with Fleury-Michon, focused on a new range of charcuterie products to be launched at the end of September by major retailers.

sanders nourrir nous engage

Driven by its long-term commitment to serving all French livestock production sectors, Sanders, the national leader in animal nutrition and an Avril Group brand, today presented at SPACE (the International Livestock Trade Fair) in Rennes the principles underlying its strategy to achieve sustainable growth that will serve the development of the livestock industry. 

"Animal nutrition is seen as a service", an advantage that can better respond to the challenges faced by the French livestock industry

"Sanders believes that in order to produce better foods for humans, we must first of all ensure high quality feed for livestock", explained Bernard Mahé, Deputy Director General of Avril's Animal Products Division, responsible for animal nutrition and production. "But in an increasingly competitive market faced with a growing number of challenges, Sanders' role is also to offer the best quality service to livestock farmers and professionals in the industry in order to respond to their increasingly stringent demands and needs in terms of technical, economic, zootechnical and environmental performance."

It is this major evolution in the field of animal nutrition that is underlined by Sanders' new strapline.  As well as its role as a manufacturer of livestock feeds, Sanders benefits from numerous other skills and integrates solutions and services destined for all actors in different livestock production sectors.  Adapted to the specific needs of each area, these solutions and services should allow all actors, whether upstream or downstream of livestock sectors, to develop their performance so that they can respond better to the challenges they face now and will have to deal with in the future.  These include profitability, innovation, food safety, animal welfare and the demedicalisation of livestock units.

"Sectors of Excellence" to ensure better foods for humans​

Sanders can draw on its intimate knowledge of the livestock world, its local relationships in the field with 26,000 partner livestock breeders and the power of its innovation to support all areas of livestock production.  At the other end of the value chain, and thanks notably to its involvement upstream and its expertise in the fields of animal nutrition and production, Sanders meets the everyday protein needs of seven million people, contributing in this way to ensuring high quality foods available to broadest possible population. 

All these advantages mean that in 2015, the Avril Group and Sanders decided to develop its "sectors of excellence" under the "Engagés dans l’Elevage" brand, characterised by detailed specifications laying down stringent requirements integral to sustainable production at all levels of the value chain.  These requirements concern the environment, animal welfare, the nutritional quality of products, the economic profitability of their production, employment conditions and maintaining jobs.

Through the "Engagés dans l’Elevage" brand, Avril strives to achieve constant innovation that will ensure the irreproachable quality and optimum traceability of products, and improve the consumer image of our know-how at all levels of agriculture. 

"Raising our level of performance by continuing to invest in our industrial assets and in innovation is crucial if we are to improve the competitiveness of our sectors in France", commented Eric Philippe, DCEO of the Avril Group, responsible for the Animal Products Division.  "But our future challenges increasingly concern our commitments to partner livestock farmers, actors in the agrifood industry and society as a whole.  These are the principles that underpin the Sectors of Excellence that Avril is inaugurating through the Sanders brand."

engagés dans l'élevage


The "Sector of Excellence" approach was illustrated at SPACE by the presentation of an exclusive partnership between Avril's Animal Products Division (through its subsidiaries Abera and Sanders) and Fleury-Michon concerning a new range of charcuterie products to be launched in late September by major retailers.  This new range will benefit from the French pig sector created jointly by Avril upstream and Fleury-Michon with respect to processing and marketing. 
Through this initiative, the two partners are aiming to create a sector that is virtuous at all levels, from remuneration for breeders to the long-term visibility offered by this partnership, and includes consumers who will benefit from stand-out charcuterie products in their supermarkets.


Sanders reaffirms its commitment to offering more support to all its partners in livestock production sectors

As well as inaugurating its Sectors of Excellence, Sanders is also reaffirming its commitments to all actors in French livestock production sectors, which are reflected by its frequent and significant achievements. These commitments are organised around the following areas and complement the issue of ensuring better foods for humans:

•    Sustainable production:  
Sanders' research focuses on producing better and consuming less.  The gains achieved in terms of consumption indices illustrate the efforts made to improve the use value of plant raw materials and increase the feed efficiency of animal rations, thus enhancing the profitability of livestock units.  Sanders benefits notably from its Innovation and Research Farm in Sourches (Sarthe), the leading private sector facility in Europe for research on animal nutrition and livestock management, and is committed to promoting and sharing cutting-edge innovations in response to the challenges faced by French livestock sectors.
•    High quality products, from field to fork:​
With its network of 23 OQUALIM-certified factories, and using a great majority of French raw materials, Sanders helps to valorise French livestock production and is now able to comply with more than 300 different specifications, adapted to all types of production (standard, red label, organic, PDO, PCC, etc.). Its expertise in animal nutrition, its involvement in different production sectors and the technical support it provides at a local level mean it is an important facilitator that can defend the quality and traceability of French products to consumers. 
•    Support for all livestock farmers:​
Whatever the size or type of their units, Sanders can offer livestock farmers high-performance and appropriate solutions and services.  Sanders' strong territorial roots guarantee this support, based on the everyday proximity of its 300 experts who work with their 26,000 partner livestock farmers throughout France. 


SANDERS is the French leader in animal nutrition.  It offers a whole series of responses to the expectations and needs of actors in different livestock production sectors, and is committed to bringing added value to breeders, industry and consumers, while respecting societal and environmental demands.  SANDERS is the only actor in animal nutrition that is present throughout France: a model built on its territorial roots and proximity with livestock farmers in seven enterprise regions.  Each region benefits from commercial, industrial and administrative teams, factories and specific product ranges, allowing the firm to offer tailor-made, local support for livestock farmers.  SANDERS belongs to the Avril Group's Animal Products Division.  It employs 950 people, spread between its 23 Oqualim-certified French factories.​

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