Sanders SH invests in Serbia to support livestock farmers in improving their economic and technical performance

Sanders SH invests in Serbia to support livestock farmers in improving their economic and technical performance

Sanders SH, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, today announced its purchase of a cattle feed manufacturing plant in Temerin, in the presence of Mr. Branislav BUGARSKI – Secretary for Agriculture for the Vojvodina region, Mr. Djuro ZIGA, Mayor of Temerin, Mrs Sanja Ivanic from the Franco-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bernard MAHÉ, Deputy Director General of Avril's Animal Products Division, responsible for animal nutrition and production, and Mr. Dominique BRETON, Sanders' International Director.  This purchase comes after two years of renting this plant that manufactures feeds for ruminants (dairy cows, beef cattle, small ruminants) and pigs. 

Thanks to this operation, Sanders SH will have a long term future in Serbia.  Its ambition is to develop the production capacity of the plant to reach 30,000 tonnes a year, in order to supply the free market in Serbia.  To achieve this objective, further investments are planned.  Furthermore, Sanders SH is demonstrating its long-term commitment to different Serbian livestock sectors, and more specifically the dairy sector: partner farmers, suppliers, distributors, dairies and abattoirs.

Headed by Vincent MOAL and Dusko LODJINOVIC, Sanders SH aims to support Serbian producers by drawing on the know-how and expertise of Sanders, the French leader in animal nutrition.  Sanders demonstrates its commitment by supplying high quality feeds and advice in the fields of livestock nutrition and management, adapted to the needs of its partner livestock farmers. 

Local teams in Serbia and experts from Sanders will contribute to improving the performance of its customers in three principal areas: the profitability of livestock units, and the production and quality of milk and meat.  This commitment to Serbian producers will also result in closer ties with livestock farmers and the use of more than 90% locally-sourced raw materials.  The aim is to ensure the optimum exploitation of local raw materials by Serbian livestock units. 


About Sanders SH

  • Date of creation: May 2012
  • Shareholders: 

–    60 % Sanders Participations

–    30 % Predrag Bulajic

–    10 % Mihajlo Andjelkovic

  • Activities: manufacture of feeds for ruminants and pigs.  Employees: 33
  • Production capacity: 30,000 tonnes

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