Terrial, subsidiary of the Avril Group, takes a capital participation in the company Ferti-Mauges

Terrial, subsidiary of the Avril Group, takes a capital participation in the company Ferti-Mauges

ferti-mauges-terrial300.jpgThe companies Terrial, based in Ille-et-Vilaine, and Ferti-Mauges situated in Maine-et-Loire, both specialists in organic fertilisation, signed an agreement on the participation of Terrial in Ferti-Mauges capital. Ferti-Mauges has been specialised in the production of fertilisers and organic soil conditioner to order since 1996. Terrial has been a major client of Ferti-Mauges for over 10 years. This operation reinforces the existing synergies between Terrial and Ferti-Mauges. It is part of a co-development approach between the two partners. This capital participation allows Ferti-Mauges to sustain its activity, accelerate its development and optimise its industrial performance.

“This partnership solidifies Ferti-Mauges as the French leader in the production of organic fertilisers to order. It reinforces and secures our procurement capacity of raw materials”, explains Patrick Gambier, Director of Ferti-Mauges, he adds : “This operation brings serenity and security to our clients who can count on a reliable industrial subcontractor for their fertiliser supplies”.

This partnership is part of the circular economy logic for Terrial. “The capital participation in this high-performance industrial facility secures the opportunities for our organic farming co-products (poultry dung, poultry manure) or industrial (ashes). It is about a durable co-construction to service the clients of Terrial and Ferti-Mauges”, completes Ollivier Péan, Director of Terrial.

According to Eric Philippe Deputy CEO of the Avril group responsible for the Avril Development activities Domain, “This alliance is a new phase in the implementation of the Avril 2020 strategic plan of which the founding element is to invest in industries. The exploitation of organic farming co-products is necessary and beneficial to our animal and plant production. This operation also solidifies the willingness of the Group to accompany local dynamic and innovative SMEs who contribute to the exploitation of these industries. The Avril Development activities domain is increasing its investments in SMEs”.


About Ferti-Mauges
Created in 1996, Ferti-Mauges is an independent family-owned company situated in Beaupréau (49). It produces organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, soil conditioners and technical composts. Ferti-Mauges manufacture 35,000 tonnes of “plug” granules and 20,000 of compost annually. They have a unique and original positioning in France: they do not have an own brand and produce exclusively by subcontracting. Ferti-Mauges is the n°1 in France for production to order. They have an annual turnover of 6 million euros and number 20 employees.
About Terrial
Situated in Bruz (35), Terrial is specialised in fertilisation, the exploitation of organic co-products from farming and the Avril group industries. The company allow farmers to limit the use of chemical fertilisers notably by offering organic and organo-mineral fertilisers. Every year, Terrial commercialise 250,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser and promote 100,000 tonnes of Avril group co-products. They have an annual turnover of 15 million euros and number 20 employees.

About the Avril group
Founded in 1983 at the initiative of French agriculture to ensure the future of the oleaginous and protein sectors, today Avril is an industrial and financial group developing both in France and internationally.
Present in sectors as diverse as food, nutrition and animal expertise, energy and renewable chemistry, Avril have a portfolio of strong market leading brands: Diester®, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget, Matines, Bunica, Taous…
In over 30 years, the group has changed dimension but their purpose has stayed the same: creating sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors thereby contributing to better human nutrition and the preservation of the planet.
To fulfil its mission, Avril relies on its industrial activities organised around plant and animal sectors as well as its profession as an investor which it exercises through the financial and development company Sofiprotéol.
Sofiprotéol accompanies businesses in the agricultural and agri-food sector in the long-term through minority equity participations and loans. They support their growth and participate in the continued existence of national industries.
The Avril group realised a turnover of 6.1 billion euros.in 2015. It has 7,200 collaborators spread around 21 countries.
For further information: www.groupeavril.com | Twitter : @Avril

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