THESEO (AVRIL Group) acquires EWABO, becoming on this occasion a European leader in livestock biosecurity

THESEO (AVRIL Group) acquires EWABO, becoming on this occasion a European leader in livestock biosecurity

Laval (France) and Wietmarschen (Germany), January 3, 2017

THESEO (AVRIL Group) and EWABO, two major players in livestock biosecurity, have announced their plans to develop an alliance to reinforce their positions in the European market for animal husbandry, creating a new set of livestock biosecurity leaders.

The agreement signed by the two parties anticipates an acquisition of 100% of shares of the company EWABO by the AVRIL group, whose Biosecurity & nutrional specialties (BSN) business line - which includes Theseo - thereby continues its growth and international expansion.  Through this acquisition, BSN reaffirms its ambition of positioning as a global leader in innovation for sustainable animal production.

A strategic alliance

While THESEO is moving into one of the most important European markets of Livestock, Germany, this alliance further strengthens its product offering and innovation in the French market.

"The acquisition of EWABO, one of the German leaders in biosecurity, is a new step in THESEO's international development strategy.  It will enforce the leadership of both companies in their national markets and implement synergies accelerating our development in Europe", says François Martignoni, CEO of THESEO.

"The alliance with THESEO, a recognised Biosecurity specialist, will allow EWABO to boost its growth projects and take advantage of new development opportunities.  Sharing forces and competencies offers exciting possibilities to further improve innovation and to create new, more effective concepts delivering more value to our customers", comment Michael Giesen and Dr. Dimitrios Ouzounis, Associated Directors of EWABO.


Note that the international distribution networks of THESEO and EWABO will benefit from the complementarities of the new organisation to accelerate their development.  Moreover, in view of the regulatory changes in the field of biocide products, this alliance offers the ability to support its research capabilities, providing their clients with cutting edge products and services.

This new venture dedicated to livestock biosecurity will include, after the integration of Ewabo, one hundred employees, spread over four production sites in France, Germany, the UK and Brazil.  The cumulative turnover is almost 25 million euros.



French specialist in the design, manufacturing and marketing of biosecurity products and services for livestock, THESEO whose registered office is located in Laval, has forty employees in France. THESEO relies on international subsidiary in Brazil, a minority subsidiary in the UK, as well as a network of 56 distributors.

About Ewabo

German specialist in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Biosecurity products and services for Livestock, EWABO whose headquarters are in Wietmarschen, has forty-five employees in Germany. EWABO relies on an international network of seventy distributors.

About the Avril Group

Founded in 1983 on the initiative of French agriculture for the future of the oils and proteins sectors, Avril has become a major financial and industrial group that is developing in France and abroad.

Present in sectors as diverse as food, nutrition and animal expertise, renewable energy and chemistry, Avril has a portfolio of strong brands, market leaders: Diester®, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget, Matins Bunica, Taus etc.

In over 30 years, the Group has changed in size but its purpose remains the same: to create sustainable value in the oils and proteins sectors, thus contributing to a better diet for Human Beings and preservation of the planet.

To fulfil its mission, Avril relies on its industrial activities, organised around the plant and animal sectors, as well as its investment business, which it applies through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development company.

In 2015, the Avril Group achieved a turnover of 6.1 billion euros. It has 7,200 employees in 21 countries. | Twitter: @Avril


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