Board of Avril Gestion

Board of Avril Gestion

This structure can separate the power of shareholders (the limited partners which include the FIDOP(1), FOP(2) and Fondation Avril, recognized as a public utility) from that of the manager (Avril Gestion, the general partner or associé commandité). This helps to ensure that the founder shareholders in the Group remain central to its growth strategy.

The partners work through a Supervisory Board with eight members, who include two staff representatives from the Avril Group elected by their peers.

The Board of Avril Gestion decides upon the major strategic and financial orientations of the Avril Group.

It comprises nine members: four from the FOP, three qualified personalities and two former CEOs or corporate officers of the Group.

(1) Interprofessional Development Fund for the Oilseeds and Proteins Sector
(2) French Federation of Oilseed and Protein Crop Producers

Arnaud Rousseau
Chairman of the FOP
Members of the Board
Jean-Pierre Denis
Chairman of Crédit mutuel Arkea and Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
Anne Lauvergeon
CEO of Alp Services qnd Chair of Sigfox
Pierre Pringuet
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Pernod Ricard
Sylvie Rucar
Sébastien Windsor
Vice-Chairman of the FOP Board and Chairman of Terres Inovia
Alain Renoux
Officer FOP
Benjamin Lammert
Officer FOP
Yves Delaine
Former manager of Avril Group