Avril’s activities cover all vegetable oils and proteins sectors. The Group’s industrial activities are organized in five major business lines:

  1. The Oilseeds Processing Business Line – upstream in the oils and proteins sector, this line groups two activities: the industrial processing of oilseed grain (crushing, esterification, refining), and the sale of oils, the renewable energy that results from them (Diester®biodiesel), oilseed meals (by-products of biodiesel manufacture and a pillar for reconquering France’s independence with respect to vegetable proteins for livestock feeds), proteins and ingredients, and vegetable glycerin (also a by-product of biodiesel manufacture, which can replace the glycerin of fossil origin that is found in numerous everyday products).
  2. The Oils & Condiments Business Line – activities in this area consist in valorizing vegetable oils to produce the table oils, sauces and condiments that enliven the meals of so many consumers throughout the world. To serve the Group’s mission, the brands of its subsidiaries Lesieur (France), Lesieur Cristal (Morocco) and Expur (Romania) are strong levers for the creation of value that is shared at all levels in the sector, and market leaders whose priority is to constantly improve their products with an undertaking to respond optimally to the demands of consumers.
  3. The Avril Specialties Business Line – this area contains the two main specialty activities of the Group: oleochemicals and animal specialty products. As Avril’s oleochemicals subsidiary, Oleon develops, manufactures and sells compounds made using natural oils & fats. The Avril Animal Specialty line (ASA) concentrates all Group expertise in managing livestock performance. Faced with the environmental and health challenges of livestock farming, notably with respect to “demedicalization”, this business line is organized around two areas: (1) innovation in nutrition and health (natural additives, nutritional specialties, premixes, minerals, vitamins, etc.) and (2) biosecurity (which groups all methods used for preventive hygiene in buildings and animals).  
  4. The Animal Nutrition & Processing Business Line – This line groups a variety of activities, most of them linked to livestock sectors.  Work in animal nutrition is based on an historic activity – the manufacture of livestock feeds – through Sanders.  With strong roots in the countryside and committed to the Sustainable Health Management (SHM) of livestock farms, Sanders plays a major role in the operation of all sectors. It helps livestock farmers to improve the value of their products and respond to consumer demands. Under the same logic of supporting different sectors, the animal processing activity transforms and sells products from pigs (slaughter and butchery, through the subsidiaries Abera and Porcgros) and eggs (egg products with Ovoteam and shell eggs from Matines).   
  5. The Avril Development Business Line – Avril’s "nursery", this line contains a variety of activities and company formats which require a tailor-made approach: Adonial and Terrial, champions of industrial ecology; Sopral, an innovative actor in pet foods; Feed Alliance, a market analysis tool.

These business lines intervene in the oils and proteins sector alongside the Group’s investment activities through  Sofiprotéol, its finance and development arm.

Sofiprotéol provides long-term support for companies in agricultural sectors and, more generally, in the French agrifood and agroindustry sectors, notably to consolidate their equity in the context of development or investment operations designed to improve their competitiveness. From credit to equity, the funding solutions proposed by Sofiprotéol are based on an industrial and entrepreneurial approach, and can support growth and innovation at all levels in the agroindustry and agrifood sectors: from upstream agricultural production (seeds, genetics, agricultural supplies, etc.) to downstream (agroindustry and agrifood sectors), including collection agencies and first-stage processing.