Animal products activities

Animal nutrition

Avril's animal products activites intervene in all the livestock sectors.
The first stage: nutrition designed for animals. The basis of this nutrition, oilseed meal, consists of the solid part of rapeseed and sunflower oilseed remaining after the oil has been extracted. This oilseed meal, rich in vegetable proteins, is crushed and mixed with other ingredients (protein-rich seeds like peas and flax, cereals, vitamins, etc.) to ensure optimal nutritional value and meet the specific needs of all livestock (pigs, cattle, poultry and rabbits).

Avril, No.1
France's no.1 in animal nutrition
3.4 million
metric tons of animal feed produced each year

This in-depth knowledge of animal products naturally positions Avril as a key player in swine genetics. Lastly,Avril also develops highly targeted products to feed dogs, cats and horses.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:
SandersSopralTerrial, IMEVIAAdonial

Biosecurity and nutritional specialities

The Group also develops products and services for hygiene in animals, buildings, farming equipment and water, air and surface treatment, based on the principle of biosecurity. The goal is to foster responsible medication by developing preventive hygiene methods.

Avril's Development and Innovation farm is the leading private European centre for research in animal nutrition and breeding management.

In addition to animal nutrition, Avril's activities encompass all zootechnical expertise and the production and marketing of nutritional specialities, boosting the competitiveness and quality of animal products within and outside France.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:
MiXscienceSourchesRéseau OcéadisTecnofirm, DielnaSunfeedTheseo, Nolivade

Partner livestock farmers
chickens fed each year

Avril's 26,000 partner livestock farmers feed their animals on Avril's nutritional feeds and specialities, Avril helps them to constantly develop their products while contributing to the improved quality of milk, eggs and meat intended for human consumption.

Human nutrition

Through its egg and pork branches, Avril transforms and valorises animal products as food products designed for the final consumer, the food-processing industry and collective catering.

3.5 billion
eggs sold
  • Grading, packaging and marketing of eggs with Matines, the leader in retail outlets; preparation of egg-based products for the food-processing industry and collective catering.
  • Slaughtering and cutting, processing and packaging of pork meat.
Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:

Matines, Ovoteam, Porcgros, Abera