Oilseed products activities

Seed collection

At harvest time, oilseeds (rapeseed and sunflower) are collected by farmers and stored to preserve their quality and enable them to be processed throughout the year. Collection is carried out by cooperatives and trade companies in France, and partly by Avril in Romania through the company Expur.

54% of the French collection
of oilseed and sunflower was processed by Avril in 2013

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:

Crushing and refining

This is the crucial stage in the valorisation of oilseeds within Avril.

Rapeseed and sunflower seeds are crushed to extract vegetable oil on the one hand, and oilseed meal on the other. Rich in vegetable proteins, oilseed meal is intended as animal nutrition. Whether refined or unrefined, vegetable oils will be valorised in turn to meet requirements in terms of human nutrition, energy and renewable chemistry.

4.1 million
metric tons of seeds processed by the Avril Oilseeds division in 2013

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:
Saipol, Expur

Human nutrition

Avril is the leader in the production of table oils in France, Morocco and Romania. It is also a challenger in the mayonnaise and condiment source sector.

Through products made from oil-producing seeds and fruits, and well-known brands like Lesieur, Puget, Isio, Fleur de Colza, Soléou, Guénard, Cristal, Al Horra and Bunica, Avril offers consumers a varied range of food products meeting their requirements in terms of taste, origin and price, with a constant concern for quality.

60 millions
The edible oils produced by Avril provide the lipid requirements of 60 million people

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:
Lesieur, Lesieur Cristal, Expur, Oleosen, Cristal Tunisie, La Compagnie des Saveurs

Renewable energies

For over 20 years, Avril has also been producing biodiesel, a biofuel for diesel vehicles based on vegetable oils, using the transesterification process, under the Diester® brand.

In France, 100% of diesel vehicles run on Diester®

A European leader in the production of oilseed-based biodiesel, the Group is a pioneer in renewable energies.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:
Expur, Saipol, Novaol

Renewable chemistry

Numerous everyday products already use molecules that come from processed vegetable oils and fats (fatty acids, esters, glycerine, intermediate chemicals, etc.) which Avril produces and markets. They are to be found in various sectors and industries: food, chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints and coatings, hygiene products, etc.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity:

These biosourced molecules, whose properties regularly surpass those of fossil-based molecules, participate in the plant-based renewable chemistry of the future. The Group is Europe's number one in oleochemistry.

Over de 600 000
tons of biosourced products are marketed by Oleon