Avril, a custom name

Avril is a powerful name – one that unites us.

It is a name that fits us like a glove.

Avril (the month of "April" in English) is a name evoking the springtime that comes around every year, and the rhythm of nature – especially the rapeseed flowering period – and expresses our long-term mission: sustainable value in the oilseeds and proteins sectors by contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

Developing our sectors' resources
This is the work we have been carrying out for more than 30 years with all our partners – farmers, livestock farmers, researchers, investors alike – with a single aim in view: to build up sectors of excellence.
Developing natural resources
This means contributing to support agriculture by providing sustainable outlets to 100,000 rapeseed and sunflower producers and 26,000 livestock farmers – and also being able to exploit 94% of our reusable industrial waste.
Putting the emphasis on our sectors' women and men
It also means aiding nationwide agriculture by developing local jobs everywhere we are present, and preparing for the future by capitalising on the skills and talent of our staff.
Developing industries in our sectors
This means proposing top quality brands, like Lesieur, Puget, Matines, Sanders, Diester, Bunica, Taous… And constantly innovating to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions, especially in the field of food and renewable energies and chemistry.
Developing financial resources for our sectors
This means that for the last 30 years, we have been reinvesting our profits in our sectors. Not only that, but also providing long-term assistance to more than 100 companies, representing 80,000 jobs, through our financing and development company.

Our model is unique in terms of both diversity and coherence. By giving it a name that signifies the power of renewal, we make a daily commitment, to make the very most of all our sectors' resources.