Created at the initiative of farmers, the Avril Group has been growing for more than 30 years in France and internationally, according to an original model.

This model is based on both:

  • The primary mission of Avril which since the start has consisted in valorizing agricultural production by developing the oilseeds and proteins sectors. The Group has thus built an organization where each activity (grain processing, human foods, animal nutrition and expertise, renewable energies and chemistry, etc.) creates value for all the other links in the chain and their actors.
  • An original and committed business model: Avril systematically reinvests all its profits in the growth of its sectors, according to the logical of a circular economy.

To serve this model, Avril’s strategy is based on the complementarity of its two activities: agroindustrial activities organized around the plant and animal sectors, and investment activities operated by the Group through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development arm. As a majority stakeholder in its industrial activities, Avril can, through Sofiprotéol, support all actors – both large and small – in agricultural, agrifood and agroindustrial sectors by means of loans and minority stakes, thus giving it considerable flexibility to accomplish its mission, which is to serve the French Farm.


The originality of its growth model makes Avril an exceptional Group that is wholly committed to serving the French Farm and the men and women who contribute every day to its development. Within the sector, Avril’s raison d'être gathers these men and women around a single, sustainable ambition.

Avril’s sustainable development approach is central to its mission. It constitutes one of the pillars of its valorization strategy in response to closely linked challenges that are both economic (development of national agricultures, improving the competitiveness of its sectors, reducing imports, etc.) and societal (better foods for humans, preserving the planet and working better together, etc.).

The systematic reinvestment of the Group’s profits in the development of its sectors is one of the hallmarks of an ambition based on consistently reconciling economic, environmental and social performance.


Avril’s second strategic lever is Research, Innovation and Development (RID). This helps to improve competitiveness as from upstream agriculture, to develop new opportunities to add value to products, to anticipate market demands and to accelerate the Group’s international growth. Enhanced by synergies between the skills of its activities in the plant and animal sectors, and by support from Sofiprotéol for numerous research programs, innovation can prepare these sectors for the future.

AVRIL 2020

The Avril Group finalized its 5-year strategic plan in 2016.

It focuses on four areas:

  1. A strong and competitive Group in its markets that listens to customers
    The constant attention paid to health and safety issues, optimizing purchasing and the supply chain, enhancing our customer culture, improving the competitiveness of our industrial assets and also developing sectors thanks to investments by Sofiprotéol, are all levers that allow the Group to confirm its leadership and prepare optimally for the future.
  2. A resolutely international Group set to conquer new markets
    Avril has a strong strategic objective to search for international growth areas and seize new opportunities, starting with the African continent, a priority in the Avril 2020 strategic plan.
  3. Innovation to drive the creation of sustainable value
    In recent years, Avril has been turning increasingly towards vegetable proteins to diversify markets in its sector and respond to the challenge of feeding the planet. It thus aims to increase the proportion of specialty products with high added value. To achieve this, the Group provides active support for research and invests in upstream agriculture through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development arm.
  4. People committed to serving a federative company project 
    The men and women of Avril contribute every day to the development of strong sectors. They are mobilized by a collective project and a federative vision of common values, around which the Group’s Human Resources Division deploys new initiatives that will drive structural change.