Founded on the initiative of the farming world, the Avril Group has been growing for more than 30 years in France and abroad based on an original model with two specific features:

  • Its vocation, which has always been to enhance agricultural products by developing the oils and proteins sectors. In this way, Avril has built up a system in which each business line (grain processing, human and animal nutrition, etc.) creates value for all the links in the chain.
  • Its financial model is based on the reinvestment of its dividends in order to develop the activities of the sector, which enables genuine circular financing.

In support of this model, Avril's strategy is based on the complementarity of its two sectors: an agro-industrial business and a financial business, which the Group carries out through its financing and development company, Sofiprotéol. With a majority voice in all its industrial activities, Avril, through Sofiprotéol, can assist all the players in its sectors through loans and minority share acquisitions, which gives it considerable agility in fulfilling its mission.


Avril's purpose is the interest for all the players in the value chain. This is why sustainable development is one of the mainstays of its strategy. This responds to economic issues – developing national agriculture, strengthening the competitiveness of the sectors and reducing imports – and societal issues: ensuring better nutrition for people, preserving the planet, and working more effectively together. Avril's objective is to constantly reconcile economic, environmental and social performances to produce more and produce better.


Avril's second strategic lever is Research Development and Innovation. This increases the competitiveness of the upstream agriculture sectors, develops new sources for enhancing renewable energy and chemistry production, and speeds up the Group's international development in the key sector of animal nutrition. Greatly increased by the synergy between the business lines of the Oilseeds division and the Animal products division and by Sofiprotéol's support for numerous research programmes, innovation prepares the sectors for tomorrow's world.

CAP 2018

In late 2012, the Avril Group defined a five-year, five-pronged strategic plan:

  1. To deploy the strategy according to sectors, which means strengthening the link between upstream agriculture and downstream industries in every business line, and also developing through international sectors, as is the case for example in Romania and Morocco.
  2. To boost leadership in France by developing champions in their markets – Diester® in biofuels, Sanders in animal nutrition, Lesieur and Puget in edible oils, Matines in eggs, etc. –and also by strengthening the Group's positions in key sectors like sauces and condiments, or animal nutrition specialities.
  3. To mobilise around operational excellence: personal safety, improved processes and the search for excellence are all priorities that benefit both our staff and our performance.
  4. To encourage innovation in every business line, and also boost the involvement of the financing and development company Sofiprotéol in research programmes and support for the creation of innovative companies.
  5. To speed up internationalisation through a sector-based approach in well-identified zones: Eastern Europe around the Black Sea, Maghreb, and sub-Saharan Africa, and a global approach to business lines such as renewable chemistry and animal nutrition specialities towards Asia and America.

The five main commitments of the Avril Group in terms of sustainable development were integrated into CAP 2018