News and Publications

17 Feb, 2018
Explosion at the Saipol plant in Dieppe: two people dead, one injured, seven people shocked
29 Jan, 2018
Reaction to the speech by the French President on the Protein Plan: We should support France’s ambitious objective to improve its food sovereignty
26 Jan, 2018
Avril launches, a digital marketplace for the sale of oilseed meals rich in vegetable proteins and oils to livestock farmers, traders and feed manufacturers
18 Jan, 2018
By a very large majority, the European Parliament has just adopted its position on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) relative to the production and promotion of energy from renewable sources in the EU.
10 Jan, 2018
Sofiproteol has successfully completed an increase in capital worth €100 million to accelerate investment in the agrifood and agroindustry sectors. This operation has assembled most of SOFIPROTEOL’s historical partners as well as new subscribers.
08 Sep, 2017
AVRIL and EURALIS inaugurate SOJALIM, a crushing unit for French soybean grain in the south-west
22 Jun, 2017
Avril group publishes 2016 Group Sustainability Report: “Reinforcing our original ambitions and determining new challenges”
2016 Activity Report
21 Jun, 2017
It highlights the milestones in the Group’s life during this year, in line with its mission to create sustainable value in the oils and proteins sectors, thus contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.
13 Jun, 2016
Avril group publishes 2015 Sustainability Report: “5 commitments integrated in the Group’s strategic plan, Avril 2020”
06 Jun, 2016
"French biodiesel is tainted by association", an op-ed article by Jean-Philippe PUIG, CEO of Avril