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08 Oct, 2018
The Avril Group has announced the initiation of exclusive negotiations regarding plans to transfer Sopral.
04 Oct, 2018
The brand will only be selling eggs from hens reared in laying barns or under free range or organic conditions. This commitment forms part of a partnership signed with CIWF, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the welfare of farmed livestock.
03 Sep, 2018
Olivier DELAMEA, 49 years old, has been General Manager of AVRIL’S Oils & Condiments Business Line since 1st January 2017. As from 1st September 2018, his responsibilities will also extend to the Group’s Oilseeds Processing Business Line.
13 Jun, 2018
Evertree has now successfully completed a series of industrial trials and in 2019 will be marketing a first solution to significantly reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in wood-based composite panels. A €15 million increase in capital has boosted its resources and thus accelerate the development of novel solutions for other industries concerned by VOC.
Logo Huilerie italienne Costa d'oro
15 May, 2018
The AVRIL Group is joining forces with the founding families of the Italian COSTA D’ORO brand to create the third most important branded olive oil worldwide
Logo Océadis
12 Apr, 2018
The CTH Group acquires Océadis, a subsidiary of the Avril Group
11 Dec, 2017
Successful closure of the first fundraising round by “Sofiprotéol Dette Privée” which has obtained commitments worth €205 million
09 Nov, 2017
These plans aim to improve the competitiveness of MATINES and adapt the industrial organization of its shell egg packaging activities to market trends towards eggs from alternative production systems.
06 Oct, 2017
Faced with the threat from Argentine biodiesel, and in a markedly deteriorated market context, AVRIL presents its plans for recourse to part-time activity that will affect the biodiesel production and crushing sites in France operated by its subsidiary SAIPOL
15 Sep, 2017
Nealia and Sanders Nord-Est present plans for the creation of an industrial joint venture in the north-east of France