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11 Jul, 2017
Plant-based chemistry: Evertree opens its 1st innovation center in Venette, France
28 Jun, 2017
Avril and its subsidiary Saipol forced to reduce their production in 2017
Fiers de Diester
08 Jun, 2017
Climate change: the AVRIL Group and its subsidiary SAIPOL address the French to reaffirm the environmental, economic and social contributions of Diester®, biodiesel made in France
09 May, 2017
Provimi sells its liquid feed production business to Dielna (Avril Group)
28 Mar, 2017
Sopral invests €14 million in modernization and development of its plant in Pléchâtel (Brittany, France)
27 Feb, 2017
Arnaud ROUSSEAU succeeds Xavier BEULIN as Chairman of AVRIL GESTION - Sébastien WINDSOR joins the Board
19 Feb, 2017
The Avril group has the immense sadness to announce the sudden death of its chairman Xavier Beulin, aged 58.
15 Feb, 2017
Tunisia launches the development of a 100% Tunisian Rapeseed Sector
25 Jan, 2017
Olivier DELAMEA joins the Avril Group as General Manager of the Oils & Condiments business line
13 Jan, 2017
Managers of Lesieur, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, revealed plans this morning to modernize and develop its industrial and research activities in Coudekerque (Nord department, northern France).