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13 Jan, 2017
Managers of Lesieur, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, revealed plans this morning to modernize and develop its industrial and research activities in Coudekerque (Nord department, northern France).
03 Jan, 2017
THESEO (AVRIL Group) and EWABO, two major players in livestock biosecurity, have announced their plans to develop an alliance to reinforce their positions in the European market for animal husbandry, creating a new set of livestock biosecurity leaders.
16 Nov, 2016
The Novi 1 fund, managed by Tikehau IM, has now finalized its participation in a capital increase worth a total of €26.9 million to support the Avril Group's BSN business line. Novi 1 has subscribed €10 million, alongside Avril (€15 million) and Tikehau Financement Privé (€1.9 million).
05 Sep, 2016
Terrial, subsidiary of the Avril Group, takes a capital participation in the company Ferti-Mauges
26 Jul, 2016
AVRIL raises €880 million to fund its growth
07 Jul, 2016
Sofiprotéol, a subsidiary of Groupe Avril, and Tikehau IM announce a partnership to finance the agro-food and agro-industrial sector
27 Jun, 2016
Avril group, SPI investment fund, operated by Bpifrance and the start-up Biopolymer Technologies create Evertree, a joint venture specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing new commercial use of vegetable proteins
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20 Jun, 2016
MiXscience (Avril Group) and Salus Group present plans for a strategic alliance to serve the growing needs of the animal production and nutrition markets in Brazil and its region
20 Apr, 2016
Avril forced to make short-term adjustments to its biodiesel production in 2016
03 Mar, 2016
Avril and INRA combine forces to better respond to the future challenges facing French and global agriculture