News and Publications

01 Jul, 2015
Appointment of Jean-Baptiste Bachelerie as Director General of Saipol
15 Dec, 2014
BIPE and Sofiprotéol have published a research report on the ability of the oil and protein-rich crop sectors to meet global demand for oils and proteins in 2030, by addressing the challenges of population growth, changing diets and farmland management, as well as the development of renewable energies and chemistry.
06 Oct, 2014
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring energy independence and contributing to growth in our regions: the French seem convinced of the value of biofuels and their potential for progress.
22 Sep, 2014
DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI) and SOFIPROTÉOL report signing a three-year collaboration agreement to develop a production process for natural feed additives. This project, named COLOR2B, is part of the DEINOCHEM program and primarily targets the animal feed market, although it also opens up opportunities in human food applications.
09 Sep, 2014
Creation of CapAgro Innovation, the first venture capital fund in France dedicated to agronomy, farming, the food industry, nutrition and the industrial and energy exploitation of biomass.
10 Jul, 2014
Fermentalg, an industrial biotechnology firm specialised in the production of oils and proteins from microalgae, and Sofiprotéol, the financial and industrial actor in the French vegetable oils and proteins sector, have announced signature of an agreement that will develop their partnership for the production and sale of omega-3.
24 Feb, 2014
Actors in the French oilseeds and vegetable proteins sector have launched their own brand: Terres OléoPro. This aims to develop closer links between all professionals in the sector and to bring to life the realities of their work by offering a clearer understanding of their contribution to the daily lives of the French and their commitment to innovative and environmentally-friendly agriculture for the future. Every day, more than 90% of French households use a product based on vegetable oils and proteins.