Research & Innovation

An open, collective approach to innovation

Innovating is intrinsic to the Avril Group's approach in terms of the long-term development of the oils and proteins sectors within and outside France. The Avril Group's very foundations are rooted in innovation: it is a global pioneer in not only biodiesel production, but also edible oils (promoting nutritional and health quality, creating combined oils and ergonomic containers, etc.).

Drawing on the expertise of its various sectors, Avril is continuing to invest in research in every link  of the chain, from seeds through to consumer products.

This sector-based strategy drives Avril to develop its RID* capacities at the heart of its business lines. The Group also contributes to numerous collective programmes as an industrial and financial partner, in order to create value, optimise production chain assets, anticipate market demand and prepare the developments of the future. These include improving varieties, fighting against crop disease and pests, fostering environmental progress, seeking new outlets, developing innovative technologies for treatments and the extraction of plant compounds, and using preventive hygiene to promote animal health.

A variety of Research objectives that complement each other, like Avril's activities

  • Improving crop performance and conditions
  • Improving the nutritional qualities and taste of oils, proteins and animal products in the field of human nutrition
  • Inventing the zootechnics of the future in terms of animal feed, health and welfare
  • Improving technologies for producing biofuels and their protein by-products; helping to design advanced biofuels as new sources of renewable energy 
  • Developing innovative biosourced molecules (alternatives to petroleum products) through advances in plant chemistry and eco-processes (extraction, biotechnology, chemical synthesis, etc.)

To optimise its means, Avril take part in collective programmes bringing key players in public/private research and industry together within partners' platforms. This approach involves organising large-scale projects designed to make better use of the sectors' resources – for example, by developing products and exploiting vegetable proteins more effectively. This initiative is aimed at meeting the world's growing needs and the necessity to feed more than 8.4 billion people by 2030: a strategy of anticipation that opens the way to diversified applications, highly promising for the future. 

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"Vegetable proteins are a future solution for feeding the planet, and represent strong potential for growth. We have the opportunity to develop value using vegetable proteins from our national sectors. This is one of the major projects of the Avril Group's RID* over the next few years."

Jean-François Rous, Director of Research and Innovation

* Research, Innovation and Development