Sustainable development


Avril's mission is to create long-term value in the oils and proteins sectors, thus contributing to better nutrition for people and the preservation of the planet. This sustainable development strategy was introduced at the Group's very creation to respond to its shareholders' objectives, particularly farmers. It was subsequently structured with precise targets and indicators.

In addition to its financial objectives, Avril has set indicators for each of its business lines. These measure their contribution to the development of the sectors (added value, job creation, the use of France's raw materials, etc.) and the Group's social responsibility (food production, greenhouse gas emission assessments, development in emerging countries, etc.). Thanks to its chain organisation, Avril has available levers for action at every level of the value chain.

"The Group's five-year strategy, "CAP 2020", is based on sustainable development requirements for the sectors and social responsibility. These considerations lie behind our profitability goals for each line of business. To provide greater visibility to all the stakeholders and partners in the sectors, we have formalised five specific commitments and 13 objectives in terms of figures, which are shared by the entire Group."  

Kristell Guizouarn, Sustainable Development Director

2016 Group Sustainability Report




THE 5 Commitments OF AVRIL

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Closely linked with the world of farming, Avril undertakes to ensure the growth of the oilseeds and protein producing sectors thanks to joint development of local agricultural resources and national outlets.
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Avril rises to the global challenge in terms of food by guaranteeing supplies of oils and animal products in large quantities, while monitoring the quality of their production and nutritional value.
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Via Sofiprotéol, Avril has undertaken to assist the development and structuring of the oils and proteins sectors by consolidating their players, supporting innovation and company creation, and drawing on socially responsible investment.
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An industrial group at the heart of the farming sectors, Avril undertakes to produce while continually improving its environmental performance, according to a philosophy of sustainable agriculture and industrial ecology.
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Avril undertakes to constantly improve the working conditions of its employees while boosting its societal role.



Avril, partner of Solutions Cop21

The emergency statement that comes with 21th Conference of the parties is an opportunity to remember that the climate is the concern of all - States, citizens, but also businesses.

There are many companies that have developped virtuous initiative, bearers of progress and change.
These initiatives highlight the strong link between their growth and performance and the consideration of their environmental, societal and economic footprint.

Avril embodies an agro-industrial development sectorial approach favorable to this shared dimension of business growth.




In the context of relations with its suppliers, the Avril Group aims to encourage, through this Charter, the application of its commitments with respect to sustainable development as well as the promotion of values that correspond to its social and societal ethic.
This Charter is for the Group a means to develop relationships with its suppliers that are based on mutual trust and respect, and to share responsible practices.