Better food for humans


Through its activities in the plant and animal sectors, Avril plays a major role as a food supplier thanks to the production of vegetable oils, animal products and livestock feeds. ​

Improving the feeding capacity of our sectors

Avril’s role to feed the planet is central to its mission. It is the primary reason for the existence of the oils and proteins sectors. To meet global food challenges and increasing demands for lipids and proteins, the Group’s commitment is to enable access to oils and animal products for the largest possible community, while ensuring the quality and nutritional value of its products.

The challenge is to produce more and better

Through its plant and animal sectors, Avril contributes to meeting the needs of the population in lipids (vegetable oils) and proteins (animal products). It also participates indirectly in supplying proteins through the production of feeds for farmed livestock. Avril is committed to developing this potential by encouraging an increase in agricultural production (improved crop yields, improved livestock breeding performance, etc.).

In terms of quality, the Group seeks through its innovations to constantly improve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of its products (flavor, texture, etc.), as well as their traceability. There are numerous examples of this: a balanced fatty acid profile for oils, the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur label that guarantees the Omega 3 content of eggs and pork, a quality improvement approach for eggs, or the traceability of rapeseed oil from grain to the bottle, etc.

The sectoral organization of the Group is a major advantage in achieving this goal: it enables the selection of particular rapeseed varieties to obtain an oil with antioxidant properties, improvements to chicken feeds so that consumers can be offered eggs of premium quality, or the optimization of cattle rations to enhance the protein value of meat.

Innovating to valorise vegetable protein

Faced with the worldwide increase in protein anticipated for the future, vegetable proteins will play a key role alongside those of animal origin. One of the objectives of the IMPROVE platform*, in which Avril is an active participant, is to exploit these vegetable proteins, obtained notably from oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower) and protein crops (pea, field bean, alfalfa, etc.), as dietary or other proteins.

* Institut Mutualisé pour les protéines végétales (Joint Institute for Vegetable Proteins)


 Avril group’s policy on farm animal welfare

At Avril, we have a conviction : taking action for animal welfare is an ethical requirement and an essential condition for the quality of our products.
In early 2017, Avril equipped itself with a policy on the welfare of farmed livestock. After more than a year of implementation, we have updated our policy with clarifications on our long-term commitments and on our priorities for 2018.
This document establishes a frame of reference for Avril and applies to French livestock units which have contractual relationships with the Group.

You can read our 2018 policy and the associated document to find out more about our activities in different animal sectors.


Better care for animals to enable better food for humans

In the context of the French government’s Ecoantibio plan for 2012-2017, Avril has mobilized its expertise around Sustainable Animal Health Management in order to limit the use of antibiotics in livestock production, thus reducing the risks of onset of bacterial resistance in humans.
To achieve these objectives, Avril’s teams base their policy on five pillars: safe livestock management practices, a well-balanced diet that favors the development of an animal’s immunity, the strict application of biosecurity, recourse to the development of natural alternatives and the appropriate use of medication when it is essential to restore health and prevent suffering.
This global approach can ensure sustainable improvements in animal health. For more information, go to the page that focuses on our Sustainable Animal Health Management program.


Sustainable development goals in the Avril 2020 strategic plan

  • To satisfy the oil needs of 100 million people each year*.
  • To contribute to meeting the annual protein needs of 30 million people*.

* To measure its feeding capacity, Avril translates its total production of vegetable oils and proteins into an individual equivalent by evaluating the quantities required for each person over a year.