Better food for humans


With its Oilseeds division and Animal Products division, Avril plays a major role in terms of nutrition through the production of vegetable oils, animal products and animal feed.

Improving sectors’ nutritional capacity

Avril's capacity to nourish is an intrinsic part of its mission and the primary purpose of the oils and proteins sector. To cope with a global challenge in terms of food and ever-greater protein and lipid requirements, the Group has made a commitment to provide large quantities of oils and animal products while carefully monitoring the quality of their production and nutritional value. 

A commitment to both quantity and quality

Through its activity in the food industry, Avril helps to satisfy people's requirements in terms of  lipids (vegetable oils) and proteins (animal products). It thus indirectly contributes to meeting protein requirements by producing animal feed for livestock. Avril has undertaken to develop this nutritional potential by fostering the growth of the sectors' farming resources: increased agricultural production, better crop yields, improved performance of livestock farms, etc. 

As regards quality, the Group seeks through its innovations to constantly improve its products in terms of their nutritive value, organoleptic properties (taste, texture, etc.) and traceability. Examples of this are plentiful and include a balanced fatty acid profile in oils,  the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur label guaranteeing the Omega 3 content of eggs and pork, a quality improvement approach for eggs and the traceability of rapeseed oil from seed to bottle.

The Group's organisation into sectors is a considerable asset in fulfilling this commitment. It allows the Group to select certain varieties of rapeseed to obtain oil with anti-oxidant properties, monitor hen feed so that birds produce premium eggs and improve the diet of cattle to increase the protein value of their meat.  

Innovating to valorise vegetable protein

Given the world's increasing protein requirements in the coming decades, vegetable protein is an essential alternative to animal protein. One of the aims of the IMPROVE platform*, to which Avril actively contributes, is to make use of this vegetable protein, which mainly comes from oilseed plants (rapeseed, sunflowers) and pulses (peas, field beans, alfalfa, etc.) as food protein.   

* Institut Mutualisé pour les PROtéines VEgétales (joint institute for vegetable proteins)


Avril's policy on farm animal welfare

Through its investments in different livestock sectors in recent years, the Group has created strong connections between its plant and animal activities, and reinforced its local relations with farmers and livestock breeders.
Attentive to demands from society on the subject of animal welfare, we wanted to publicize our policy in this area. This document establishes a frame of reference for Avril that covers all livestock species and associated sectors: pigs, laying hens, table poultry, rabbits and ruminants.

For Avril, satisfactory conditions for the housing, transport and slaughter of animals, and disseminating a culture of consideration towards them, are crucial points that demand our attention. Through this policy, Avril aims to improve practices concerning the protection and welfare of farmed animals. Achieving this ambition requires the implementation of targeted action plans for each species, and the development of quality-certified sectors of excellence, as exemplified by our "Committed to Livestock"  program.

Read our animal welfare policy and this supplementary document  to know more about Avril's activities in different livestock sectors


Treating animals more responsibly to improve nutrition for people

As part of the government's EcoAntibio plan for 2012-2017, Avril's Animal Products division is committed to reducing the proportion of antibiotic prescriptions in the treatment of sick animals. To foster responsible medication, Avril is developing multi-faceted expertise in the biosecurity of livestock farms, which covers all preventive hygiene, and in animal nutrition, with the development of nutritive solutions that increase animals' immune capacities or provide natural alternatives to antibiotics. This initiative is also part of a plan to improve animal welfare.   



  • To satisfy the annual oil requirements of 90 million people*.
  • To help meet the annual protein requirements of 30 million people*.

* To measure its nutritional role, Avril translates its total production of oils and proteins into an individual equivalent, by assessing the quantity required by one person over one year.