Developing national sectors


Avril is committed to the expansion of the oils and proteins sectors through the joint development of agricultural resources and national outlets.

A project serving the territory  

The Avril Group was created at the initiative of the farming sector to guarantee local outlets for oilseed and protein products. This commitment is an intrinsic part of its longstanding profession. The principle is to develop a country's agriculture by deploying industrial processing facilities in the same country, and thus creating value on a nationwide scale.  

An ambition within and beyond France  

This determination has already taken shape in France, where more than half of the rapeseed and sunflowers produced are transformed in Avril's industrial facilities. Avril aims to apply the same model at international level. In Romania, around 15% of oilseed products are processed by the group. In Morocco, the objective is to encourage the growing of rapeseed, sunflowers and olives throughout the country as part of the "Plan Maroc Vert" (Green Morocco Plan) and Avril is adopting the same approach with peanuts in Senegal. 

In France, the Group is also supporting the development of other protein sources, including soya.  

Benefits in terms of jobs and food safety 

By developing the national sectors, Avril reduces dependency in the countries where it operates. In France for example, the development of oilseed has increased the production of meal intended for animal feed, thus reducing soya imports. This focus on local processing has several advantages. These include fostering jobs mainly located in rural territories, and improving traceability, thus improving food safety and the quality of products offered to consumers.

Developing through innovation

Research and innovation are strategic levers for developing national sectors. Thanks to its connections with technical centres like CETIOM*, Avril helps to improve farms' economic and environmental performances in upstream agriculture. The group also invests in large-scale research programmes in the form of public-private partnerships (PPP), like the P.I.V.E.R.T platform, Europe's first plant chemistry research and innovation centre. At the heart of this institute, the oilseed refinery of tomorrow is being constructed, with the aim of improving the entire plant based on an ecological industrial approach.

* Technical centre for oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp


Duralim charter

Leader in animal nutrition in France through its subsidiary Sanders, in 2016 the Group signed the Duralim charter which promotes sustainable feeds for farmed livestock. Ensuring the quality, security and health safety of feeds, the recycling of by-products and precision feeding systems: Avril is involved in several areas covered by the Charter. A French origin is central to this approach, Avril’s commitment being to achieve and sustain a use rate of French raw materials of more than 80% by its animal nutrition production units in France.


More rapeseed = less imported soya

By developing the rapeseed sector, notably by producing biodiesel, Avril is helping to reduce France's dependency on imported soya.  This is because increased rapeseed production means larger quantities of meal intended for livestock fodder. As a result, France's self-sufficiency in proteins designed for animal feed has risen from 25% in the 1980s to 55% today, while imports have correspondingly decreased.


CAP 2020 objectives

  • Transform 60% of French oilseed products in Avril's industrial facilities in France (20% of Romanian products in Romania's industrial facilities; 35% in Senegal).
  • Supply animal feed industrial facilities with over 80% French raw materials