Sustainable investments in the oils and proteins sectors

Sustainable investments in the oils and proteins sectors

Avril has made a commitment to assist the organisation and development of the oils and proteins sectors via its investment and development company, Sofiprotéol.  

Sofiprotéol's long-term commitment

An investment and development company and a subsidiary of the Avril Group, Sofiprotéol is mainly dedicated to the oils and proteins sector. Its role is to support the creation of companies, as well as development and innovation, from upstream agricultural production to the consumer. It makes long-term commitments in the form of loans and the acquisition of minority stakes.

Financing assistance for the sectors

As an agricultural fund manager, Sofiprotéol's mission is to assist all players in the oils and proteins sector and thus help to strengthen every link in the chain. Investment decisions are taken by commitment committees representing the interests of the various sector stakeholders. Sofiprotéol also assists around 100 companies, representing 80,000 jobs.  

Socially responsible investment

Sofiprotéol's commitment is expressed through its code of conduct:

  • To assist projects of all sizes and finance all branches in the sectors, without exception.
  • To assess projects in light of their societal qualities, using a number of criteria based on non-financial analysis, in line with the Group's sustainable development policy.
  • To finance innovation without insisting on short-term profitability, thus enabling the agricultural world to prepare for the future.
  • To reinvest the lion's share of its profits in the oils and proteins sector or in closely-related farming sectors.


Working to revitalize a 100% French soybean sector

For several years, Sofiprotéol takes an active part in the revival of the French soybean cultivation by creating and funding soybean crushing units in France. In association with seed companies and technical institutes, Sofiprotéol gathers all the French soybean actors (agricultural cooperatives, animal feed producers, industrials) in this project. This successful program led to the building of crushing lines first in Châlons sur Saône and then in Vic-en-Bigorre, this latter project including Sofiprotéol, Sanders and Euralis. The soybean cultivation reached progressively 140 000 ha in 2016. In addition to these economic and social benefits, the soybean cultivation enables to reduce the corn mono-crop, and its irrigation requires less water. The stakes are high for this French soybean sector since it can also contribute to human nutrition.


A venture capital fund for start-ups

In 2013, in partnership with the Tereos Group and Bpifrance, Sofiprotéol launched a venture capital fund called CapAgro Innovation. The idea is to support young, innovative, responsible food and agribusiness companies committed to the control of environmental impact, the reduced use of medicines in livestock farming, the quality of hygiene, plant chemistry, biomass energies, etc. This 10-year fund will be investing sums of between €1 and 5 million in around 15 start-ups.  



To invest €200 million via Sofiprotéol over the next five years to assist companies in the sectors.   

To co-invest €30 million in food and agriculture venture capital projects.