Working together

Working together

Avril is committed to constantly improving the working conditions of its employees while enhancing its social role.  

Responsibility and proximity

Avril is characterized by a diversity of skills and working environments, as well as by a sectoral spirit that implies paying particular attention to others. The Group has given itself three priorities relative to its employees: health and safety, the integration of disabled staff and welcoming young people to train them in skills for the future. The commitment to working together also reflects Avril’s ambition to provide support for its partners.

Safety at work : an absolute priority

Since 2012, Avril has been implementing a highly ambitious health and safety policy aimed at achieving a zero accident rate. Each unit and each site undertook to drastically reduce the frequency of accidents by implementing a wide-ranging action program: site safety visits, training sessions, challenges or documents on good practices. In addition, the Group supports the introduction of solutions adapted to specific working contexts in order to improve the welfare of its employees; for example, a project on preventing musculoskeletal problems at the Abera abattoir. Another example is regular training sessions in nutrition and health sponsored by Lesieur.

Welcoming disabled staff

So that people with all talents can be welcomed within the Group, Avril has adopted a deliberate policy on the integration of disabled staff. Seeking not only to be exemplary but also to go beyond its legal obligations, the Group aims to welcome more than 6% of disabled staff at each of its sites.

Vocational training for young people

Welcoming young people and knowing how to train them is to create the resources and skills necessary for Avril’s growth and the future of its sectors. In this area, the Group has a dual ambition: to put more resources into day release training and apprenticeships, and to reinforce its training capacities. Avril already benefits from two in-house training schools, Atoo at Sanders in France and Excellium at Lesieur Cristal in Morocco. Furthermore, since 2015, the Avril Academy has enabled all group employees to obtain training in the skills they need for the future and thus enhance their career opportunities.

The Group has given an undertaking to the French government that it will ensure access to employment in all its agroindustrial sectors
At the Bassens site in January 2016, a partnership agreement was signed with the Prime Minister, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Forest, and the Minister for Cities, Youth and Sport, in the context of the Enterprises & Quartiers Charter.  This notably concerns access to training and jobs for young people who are not integrated in the employment market and come not only from towns and cities but also from rural areas, where most of Avril’s activities are based.


The food for Life initiative

The purpose of Food for Life (Nourrir la Vie) is to highlight good practices throughout the Group and foster exchanges. This approach to managing the Group’s strategic areas and sustainable development commitments comprises several pillars, and notably the Performance Challenges. Every year, this program encourages all employees to describe actions that have innovated or added value during the past 12 months, implemented either individually or by a team. These actions are then submitted to a panel which is asked to select around twenty ambitious projects. The winners are rewarded during the Great Get Together, an important in-house event that brings together not only Group management but also technicians or local managers. All projects that participated in the Challenge are represented by a spokesperson during the Great Get Together, and whether they are winners or not, these projects are available to all employees via the in-house “Nourrir la Vie” (Food for Life) website.

The watchword of Food for Life is: “so that the advances of one should become opportunities for all”.


Sanders invests in young people and day release training

Set up in 2010, the Sanders Sales School is the first education-enterprise partnership in the agrifood industry in France – resulting from the joint efforts of Sanders, the Agricultural Training School (ESA) in Angers, and the University Institutes of Technology (IUT) in Rodez and Brest – to be focused on a vocational degree course for livestock advisors. Alongside the standard curriculum, the Sanders School offers 210 hours of additional training within the company. Students with proven motivation who obtain their degree may then be offered employment as a Technical Sales representative with Sanders.



Local actions

Its origins in the French farming world and its commitment to developing national sectors give Avril strong roots in many regions where it creates value and non-transferrable employment. The Group is keen to integrate its industrial sites in their regions by working in concert with the population and all economic actors. Through its activities in livestock sectors, Avril has a strong presence in rural areas and develops local links with livestock farmers. The local networks maintained by the Group are a key element in its success.


Sustainable development goals in the Avril 2020 plan

  • To reduce occupational accidents within the Group by 80%.
  • To employ more than 6% of disabled people at each site.
  • To double the number of apprentices or students in day release training throughout the Group.

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