Building a Group where all skills work in synergy requires a shared culture and common values: that is why Avril implements initiatives enabling all employees to develop their skills and look to the future, in particular while consolidating a common managerial culture.



Avril is characterized by a diversity of skills and working environments, as well as by a sectoral spirit which enables to act in synergy. The Group implements several initiatives to enhance its collective dynamic while enabling all employees to develop their skills and look to the future. The opening of the Avril Campus in Bruz near Rennes is thus a strong symbol, because on a single site it has brought together several activities that were previously dispersed.

Safety first

Since 2012, Avril has been implementing a highly ambitious health and safety policy aimed at achieving a zero accident rate. Each unit and each site undertook to drastically reduce the frequency of accidents by implementing a wide-ranging action program: site safety visits, training sessions, challenges or documents on good practices. Actions which resulted in a 70% drop in the accident rate.

To give new impetus to continuously improving safety, Avril is setting up a program developed jointly with operational staff in its facilities. Greater emphasis is now being placed on individual behaviors and personal commitment.



Avril Academy is an in-house university which develops strategic and transversal training projects deployed within the Group. Its first large-scale action is a program intended for its 900 managers in order to help them in their mission, Manager @Avril. Its objective is to roll out a new management model, reflecting its identity, its values and management culture. It is based on the development of their know-how and soft skills regarding safety, operational excellence, the career development of staff and support for their initiatives. Several training courses have already been rolled out, aiming at local managers, middle managers and top managers, reaching almost 700 managers. Other training courses are dedicated to specific business, such as the Supply chain for instance.

Career Development and Mobility

A social innovation in 2018, the Career Development Conversation offers a privileged opportunity for employees to talk to their managers, unaffected by any performance evaluation. Driven by the employee who has thought about his or her strong points and career objectives, this conversation can help them to consider their future within the organization.

With this regard, Avril favors the internal mobility of its employees, geographical and/or sectoral. All its job advertisements are online on a dedicated website, allowing everyone to get involved in one’s own mobility and seize the opportunities to develop one’s career while meeting the needs of the company.

Avril is rolling out an active policy to facilitate labour market integration and favor local employment. The Group committed to increase the number of apprentices or vocational trainees in the Group's companies. A particular effort aimed at young people coming from disadvantaged districts through a partnership convention with the government (Entreprises & Quartiers Charter). Moreover, a momentum in favor of the integration of people with disabilities was initiated in 2012. Actions to raise awareness among the Group’s employees, supported by the Chief Executive Office, were launched, notably with the circulation of a guide for all the employees. Several subsidiaries implements more specific actions.

Gender Equality

The Avril group has taken a proactive approach to achieving gender equality in the workplace.
As part of its SPRING corporate social responsibility policy, Avril has set itself the target of increasing the proportion of women in its workforce to more than 33% of its teams by 2023.

In addition, in accordance with the French law of September 2018 for "the freedom to choose one's professional future", the Group publishes the gender equality index of all French companies with enough staff to calculate that figure. This index measures 4 to 5 indicators: wage gap, pay rise distribution gap, promotion distribution gap (for entities with more than 250 employees), percentage of female employees receiving a pay rise on their return from maternity leave, and number of women and men in the 10 highest paid positions.

Significant progress has already been made, for example an increase of 14 points compared to 2019 at the Group's head office. By publishing these figures, the Group is showing how much attention it pays to respect and progress in gender equality within each entity.

  Gender equality index



Avril regularly conducts opinion polls amongst its employees: pride of working for the company, special attention to the well-being of employees, clarity of the directives given by the Group leaders, stand out as strong features. Making development opportunities more noticeable, enhancing the managers’ leadership, valorizing skills were identified features to be improved. These results have led to the creation of a “Talent Management” Department and have given impetus to the evolution of the classical annual interview towards a “Career Development Conversation”.

Willing to foster mature and constructive social dialogue, Avril went beyond its legal obligations when setting up its European Works Council: two staff representatives from its Moroccan sites joined their French, Belgian, Romanian and British counterparts.


The food for Life initiative

The purpose of Food for Life (Nourrir la Vie) is to highlight good practices throughout the Group and foster exchanges. This approach to managing the Group’s strategic and sustainable development areas comprises several pillars, and notably “the Performance Challenges”. Every year, this program encourages all employees to describe actions that have innovated or added value during the past 12 months, implemented either individually or by a team. These actions are then submitted to a panel which is asked to select around twenty ambitious projects. The winners are rewarded during a great get-together, an in-house event that brings together not only Group management but also technicians or local managers. All projects that participated in the Challenge are represented by a spokesperson during this gathering, and are available to employees via the in-house “Nourrir la Vie” (Food for Life) website.

The watchword of Food for Life is: “so that the advances of one should become opportunities for all”.


To find out more about the way Avril creates value to the benefit of its employees, check Avril’s Annual Report or visit the online version on https://rapportannuel.groupeavril.com/en