Animal nutrition and expertise


Animal nutrition is the chief outlet for French oilseed products (rapeseed and sunflower) so it is not surprising that Avril has been developing this line of business since 2007 through the integration of Sanders, a century-old animal nutrition company. 
Sanders is run as a chain organisation, from the raw materials used in nutrition to the support provided to farmers in terms of nutrition and the management of their animal products. The aim is to valorise the entire production of the sectors, and at the same time, increase the quality and traceability of animal products designed for human nutrition.


The daily rations for livestock have to incorporate vegetable proteins essential for their growth. The oilseed meal, produced by crushing rapeseed, sunflower seeds, and protein-rich plants contains these proteins in large quantities. Avril's animal nutrition business starts with the production and marketing of an oilseed meal offer suitable for the various uses of food manufacturers.
One of the Group's objectives is to increase the nutritional quality of oilseed meal, as shown by the new sunflower husking facilities in Bassens (near Bordeaux). Avril is also developing another activity: valorising by-products of food processing industries as animal nutrition, according to a circular economy approach.

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The production of complete feed for animals is the historical line and the heart of business of Avril's animal products activities. Through Sanders, the leading brand in the French market, the Group produces and markets seeds that meet the specific requirements of all livestock (pigs, cattle, poultry, rabbits, etc.) while meeting the requirements of the various specifications: standard, label, organic, AOP, and so on, like its new Alinat range of organic nutrition. 
Sanders is very close to its partner livestock farmers, and supports them to improve their production techniques. The brand draws particularly on the RDI teams of MiXscience, an innovative company with expertise in animal nutrition, to optimise the economic and nutritional performances of its products.
To respond to the various requirements of farmers, Avril also develops expertise in nutritional specialities, including premixes containing vitamins and trace elements, dietary supplements and additives, together with nutritious mineral solutions designed to provide a balanced diet for livestock.

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Fostering self-sufficiency in proteins

Among the vegetable proteins that enhance animal nutrition, oilseed meal has numerous advantages: it benefits from the development of Diester® biodiesel (of which it is a by-product) and provides a competitive alternative to the raw materials traditionally used, notably soya imported from the Americas. Through the development of this branch, the Animal Products division, which imported 66% of its protein requirements in 2004, reduced its soya purchases to only 28% in 2013. More generally, this approach has increased France's self-sufficiency in proteins designed for animal nutrition from 25% in the Eighties to 55% today, thus reducing imports correspondingly.



Research Development and Innovation are central to the animal nutrition business. Avril's animal products activities have grouped a part of its RDI teams together within MiXscience, an innovative company with expertise in nutrition and animal products, which now possesses considerable scientific means supporting the Group's brands and all animal production professionals, particularly abroad. 
MiXscience's missions include innovating to improve the economic performance of animal production branches, helping to improve the safety and quality of human nutrition, and responding to environmental issues.
The Animal Products division RDI teams draw on the tests and discoveries carried out at Sourches experimental farm, the leading private European centre for research in animal nutrition and breeding management.

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Biosecurity is a field for the future. It covers all methods of preventive hygiene, designed to limit the introduction and spread of diseases on farms. Avril thus develops products and services for hygiene in animals, farming equipment and water, air and surface treatment. The aim here is to foster responsible medication and limit the use of antibiotics.

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Avril is a player in swine genetics, and is involved in distributing young sows and semen in the French market.

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