Human nutrition


Avril's contribution to improved nutrition for people starts with the processing of oilseed and sunflower seeds, when these are crushed to extract vegetable oil on the one hand, and oilseed meal for animal nutrition on the other. 
Part of the oil is then refined and valorised for food consumption, while the oilseed meal provides rich plant proteins in livestock feed, thus contributing to the production of milk, cheese, eggs and meat. 
Through its presence upstream of the sectors, Avril controls the key elements of the food chain: safety/security, traceability, and the nutritional quality of vegetable oils and vegetable and animal proteins.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in crushing: Saipol, Expur


To develop the national oils and proteins sectors, Avril has moved closer to consumers by becoming a significant player in the food processing industry, through a portfolio of high profile brands that are leaders in table oils in France, Morocco and Romania (Lesieur, Isio, Puget, Fleur de Colza, Cristal, Al Horra, Bunica, etc.) and in eggs for retail outlets (Matines).

In the realm of vegetable oils and condiment sauces, Avril responds to a wide range of consumer requirements in terms of taste, origin and price through its different brands, paying particular attention to the nutritional value of products. 
Lesieur, for example, made a threefold commitment in 2010: continuous improvement to the nutritional content of its products, the provision of information to consumers, and support for internal research. Avril's presence throughout the vegetable oils sector enables Lesieur to control the various stages in the production of its oils: the purchase of oilseeds, crushing, refining and bottling. On the strength of this expertise, Lesieur developed the "Fleur de Colza" oil in an integrated approach to chain organisation. Production is based on precise specifications which commit all the players, and are designed to ensure geographical traceability, and maintain constant Omega 3 content.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in vegetable oils and condiments sauces: 
Lesieur, Lesieur Cristal, Oléosen, Cristal Tunisie, Compagnie des Saveurs


With this same chain organisation, Avril, an expert in animal nutrition, is committed to processing, producing and marketing lines for animal products and eggs.

The Group produces and markets eggs for retail outlets, including a proportion under the Matines brand, and produces egg-based products (ovoproducts) designed for collective catering and the food processing industry. Avril invests in research to perfect products with added nutritional value – for example, Bleu Blanc Cœur eggs, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which come from hens raised on nutrition with high omega-3 content, mainly based on linseed.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in egg-based products: Matines, Ovipac, 3 Vallées

The hen's feed ensures the quality of the egg

To propose a high-end egg matching consumer demand, Avril's egg branch carried out a project across the board, involving all the players. The Matines teams worked with the Sanders animal nutrition teams on feed, and developed an innovative formula that produces a premium quality egg in terms of the colour of the yolk, the upstanding quality of the white, the taste, and the shell texture.


This valorisation strategy has also been successful in the Avril pork branch. This includes slaughtering and meat-cutting designed for collective catering and the food processing industry. Boosted by the development of Bleu Blanc Cœur products coming from pigs bred according to precise specifications and raised on feed with high omega-3 content, it has positioned itself as a major player in health nutrition.

Avril subsidiaries engaged in this activity: Abera, Porcgros