Explosion at the Saipol plant in Dieppe
17 Feb, 2018

Explosion at the Saipol plant in Dieppe: two people dead, one injured, seven people shocked


Dieppe, February 17, 2018 —


As of 4.00pm (Paris Time)

This morning - February 17 -, an explosion followed by a fire occurred at the Saipol plant in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime department), specialized in the processing of rapeseeds in crude vegetable oil and meals (animal feed ).

The explosion took place at the extraction station where an emptying operation took place. It caused the death of two people and caused a slight injury. Seven other people, in shock, were taken care of by the relief workers.

The management of the factory and the teams present on site are deeply shocked and saddened by this terrible accident. Their thoughts are with the victims and their families in this difficult moment.

The company's internal rescue plan (known as the internal operation plan - IOP) was triggered around 11.20am. The fire has been under control since 2.45pm and the safety perimeter is now restricted to the factory's only enclosure.

The factory management salutes the mobilization and work of the firefighters, the police and the rescue teams (SAMU).

The exact causes of the accident remain for the moment undetermined and will be investigated.


As of 2.00pm (Paris Time)

An explosion followed by a fire occurred at the Saipol plant in Dieppe while two technicians from a subcontracting company were working at the extraction station.

This intervention followed a technical failure that occurred on February 16 at the same extraction station and was to end today at 3.00pm.

In total, eleven people were present on the site: four technicians from the subcontracting company as well as six employees of Saipol and one other external technician.

All usual prevention and safety procedures were in compliance.




The Saipol plant in Dieppe (40 employees) specializes in the processing of rapeseeds into crude vegetable oils and meals for animal feed.

The explosion took place in the extraction station. Extraction is a part of the process in which the residual oil contained in the solid residues from the presses is extracted with a solvent.




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