Avril’s activities cover all vegetable oils and proteins sectors. The Group’s industrial activities are organized in four major business lines:

  1. Avril Vegetal covers, firstly, the processing of rapeseed and sunflower grain (crushing, esterification, refining) and sale of the resulting products (protein-rich oilseed meals, oils, biofuels, vegetable glycerin), and secondly the production and sale of table oils and condiments.
  2. Avril Livestock Sectors groups activities in livestock nutrition – where Avril is the leader in France – and the processing and sale of pork and eggs. This Business Line capitalizes on the diversity of its activities from upstream to downstream in order to offer improved traceability for consumers. 
  3. Avril Specialties reflects the shift of Avril’s activities from commodities towards high added value products. It groups oleochemicals, plant-based renewable chemicals, animal specialties and innovative nutrition and hygiene solutions for livestock farmers worldwide.
  4. Avril Development Primarily focused on circular economy, this business line includes high-potential activities having in common a start-up spirit: processing of by-products from the agrifood industry, recycling organic waste into fertilizers, and the purchase of raw materials for other companies. 

These business lines intervene in the oils and proteins sector alongside the Group’s investment activities through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development arm.

Sofiprotéol provides long-term support for companies in agricultural sectors and, more generally, in the French agrifood and agroindustry sectors, notably to consolidate their equity in the context of development or investment operations designed to improve their competitiveness. From credit to equity, the funding solutions proposed by Sofiprotéol are based on an industrial and entrepreneurial approach, and can support growth and innovation at all levels in the agroindustry and agrifood sectors: from upstream agricultural production (seeds, genetics, agricultural supplies, etc.) to downstream (agroindustry and agrifood sectors), including collection agencies and first-stage processing.