Animal activities

Animal nutrition

Avril intervenes at all levels in livestock sectors. 
The first level is feeds for animals. The starting point for these feeds is the oilseed meals that are the solid component of oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower) that remains after oil extraction. These protein-rich meals are then ground and mixed with other ingredients (protein grains such as pea or linseed, cereals, vitamins, etc.) to ensure that the feeds have optimum nutritional and can therefore respond to the specific needs of livestock (pigs, cattle, poultry or rabbits).

Avril, No.1
in France for livestock feeds
2,7 million
metric tons of animal feed produced each year

Performance, innovation, advice, differentiation by quality, etc. The Animal Nutrition branch of the Animal Nutrition & Processing Business Line provides local support for livestock farmers so that they can better respond to consumer demands.

Avril subsidiaries involved in this activity: Sanders, Imevia, Sunfeed, Kiriel


Within the Animal Specialties Business Line, Avril develops products and services to ensure the hygiene of buildings and animals and the treatment of water, air and surfaces, according to the principles of biosecurity.  The aim is to encourage rational medication by developing preventive hygiene methods.

Sourches, Avril’s research and innovation farm, is the leading private center in Europe for research in animal nutrition and livestock management

As well as animal nutrition, Avril’s scope extends to all types of livestock expertise, including the production and sale of nutritional specialties that can serve the competitiveness and quality of animal production in France and internationally.

Avril subsidiaries involved in this activity: MiXscience, NolivadeTecnofirm, Dielna

Partner livestock farmers
Partner livestock farmers
27 %
chickens fed each year

Avril’s 26,000 partner livestock farmers feed their animals and improve their production thanks to the Group’s feeds and nutritional specialties. At the other end of the sector, Avril can offer them long-term markets for their products while contributing to improving the quality of milk, eggs and meat for human foods.


Through its egg and pork branches, Avril adds value to and transforms animal products into foods for consumers, the agrifood industry and catering firms.

2 billion
eggs sold
  • The calibration, packaging and marketing of eggs by Matines, the leading brand sold by major retailers and the development of egg-based products for the agrifood industry and catering firms.

  • Slaughter and butchery, processing and packaging of pork.

Avril subsidiaries involved in this activity: Matines, Ovoteam, Porcgros, Abera