A trusted partner for French sectors

An Avril subsidiary, Sofiprotéol intervenes financially throughout the oils and proteins sectors and in related sectors such as dairy processing. Its activities therefore extend beyond the Group’s industrial subsidiaries and its investment decisions are taken independently by commitment committees which represent the interests of different members of the sectors concerned, and notably farmers.

A strategic partner for Avril, Sofiprotéol provides support through loans and minority stakes for companies of all sizes, which are often based in rural areas. It intervenes alongside the industrial activities of the Group to support the development of both upstream and downstream sectors. Another mission is to encourage innovation and company creation in order to develop new activities and find new markets; for example by investing in 2nd generation biofuels or in the IMPROVE platform for research on the valorization of vegetable proteins.

From credit to equity, Sofiprotéol can offer funding solutions based on an industrial and entrepreneurial approach that are adapted to the needs of companies in the agroindustry and agrifood sectors, whatever their size:

  • Strengthening of the capital base
  • Funding for development and international growth
  • Support for innovative projects in the form of R&D support and venture capital


Sofiprotéol is a crucial element in Avril’s strategy, notably with respect to sustainable commitment. In practical terms, this means that:

  • Sofiprotéol is a partner for the medium and long term.
  • The creation of financial value is always set against the societal quality of projects.
  • Each application for investment is therefore evaluated in terms of specific criteria: the principles of good governance and environmental and social elements that are consistent with the commitments of the Avril Group.
  • Any returns on investment are reinvested in the sectors concerned.

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