Avril, a custom name

Avril is a powerful name – one that unites us.

Avril is an appropriate name – evocative of spring returning each year, the rhythms of nature and particularly the flowering of rapeseed – a name that expresses the long-term purpose of our mission: to create sustainable value in the oils and proteins sectors, thus contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

Developing national sectors
Our aim for more than 35 years has been to focus on this goal with all our partners – agricultural producers, livestock farmers, research scientists, investors – and with a single ambition: to build sectors of excellence.
Developing natural resources
Our aim is to contribute to developing agriculture by procuring sustainable markets for 100,000 rapeseed and sunflower producers and 26,000 livestock breeders. And we must also be capable of adding value to 94% of our recyclable industrial waste.
Developing employment for the men and women in our sectors
Our aim is to serve national agriculture by developing local employment wherever we operate. We also want to prepare the future by capitalizing on the talents of our employees.
Developing our industries
Our aim is to offer high-quality brands such as Lesieur, Puget, Matines, Sanders, Diester®, Oleo100, Bunica and Taous, etc., and to innovate constantly in order to find sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions, notably in the fields of human foods, animal nutrition and expertise, and renewable energies and chemistry.
Developing investments in our sectors
Avril reinvests all its profits in the development of agricultural and agrifood sectors. Through Sofiprotéol, its finance and development arm, the Group provides support for more than 100 firms in the sector, which account for more than 165,000 jobs.

Our model is unique, both in terms of the diversity of our skills and their profound cohesion. By giving the Group a name that exemplifies the strength of renewal, we are committed, day by day, to ensuring the optimum exploitation of resources in our sectors and hence the success of the French Farm.