Publication of Avril’s first “integrated” report.

Publication of Avril’s first “integrated” report.

The 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report of the Avril Group is now available.

With this 2018 activity and sustainable development report, Avril is for the first time publishing an “integrated” report inspired by the framework of the
International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

This report offers a synthetic presentation of the Avril Group and its identity: our model, our governance and our strategy to create value. Its preparation
was the result of collaborative efforts that involved numerous Group entities and support functions in a global approach to performance – financial, economic, social and environmental.

It also presents our new strategic road map, Avril 2023 and its associated CSR framework, “Spring”, which will help the Group to achieve its goals  regarding performance and sustainable development.

Arnaud Rousseau Chairman of Avril Gestion: “2018 clearly marked the laying of new foundations for the Group, and the resilience of our model is a true reason for confidence.”

Jean-Philippe Puig, AVRIL’s CEO: “In 2018, we confirmed the principal orientations that have guided the Group so far: an international presence, the role of innovation, human relations as a driving force. The most important change was to take more account of customer and consumer needs in our progress dynamic.”

You can read the report on this dedicated website or download it.