News and Publications

05 Feb, 2019
The Avril Group signed the UN Global Compact in July 2017, which is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.
04 Feb, 2019
Jean-Philippe PUIG, CEO of the Avril Group and Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE, CEO of SUEZ, have announced an alliance to produce and market organic fertilisers and soil conditioners for fertilisation and soil structuring.
10 Jan, 2019
Avril has announced the acquisition of Lecico, a German company specialized in lecithins and phospholipids. The Group is thus further structuring and developing its lecithins and specialty ingredients activities.
19 Dec, 2018
Inauguration of the Avril Campus in Bruz
10 Dec, 2018
The Avril Group has announced the appointment of Christophe Beaunoir as General Manager of Saipol
30 Nov, 2018
PARQUEST CAPITAL has completed its purchase of SOPRAL from the AVRIL Group.
08 Nov, 2018
The Avril Group has launched Oleo100, a new energy resource made from French rapeseed and intended in the first instance for transport professionals (captive and local government fleets).
08 Oct, 2018
The Avril Group has announced the initiation of exclusive negotiations regarding plans to transfer Sopral.
04 Oct, 2018
The brand will only be selling eggs from hens reared in laying barns or under free range or organic conditions. This commitment forms part of a partnership signed with CIWF, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the welfare of farmed livestock.
03 Sep, 2018
Olivier DELAMEA, 49 years old, has been General Manager of AVRIL’S Oils & Condiments Business Line since 1st January 2017. As from 1st September 2018, his responsibilities will also extend to the Group’s Oilseeds Processing Business Line.