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26 Nov, 2015
French business climate pledge : 39 major French companies take concrete action to combat climate change
29 Oct, 2015
Pig sector: Avril and Tönnies in exclusive negotiations to create a company to manufacture products made of 100% French meat
23 Oct, 2015
Through this €11 million investment, Sim Sanders Algeria is reaffirming its ambition to become the national leader in cattle feeds
23 Sep, 2015
Sanders SH, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, today announced its purchase of a cattle feed manufacturing plant in Temerin
17 Sep, 2015
A specialist in animal nutrition, Sanders reaffirms its commitment to offering more support to all its partners in livestock production sectors.
The Kerfoot Group
03 Aug, 2015
The Avril Group announces its acquisition of The Kerfoot Group and broadens the scope of its activities in the UK.
09 Jul, 2015
Lesieur, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, and the Marbour Group, today signed the agreement concerning a 69.28% stake taken by Lesieur in the capital of SPHB (Société de Production des Huiles de Bourbon) from the Marbour Group (holding 42.20% of the capital), the Isautier Establishments (15.95%) and the Cogedal Company (11.13%).
01 Jul, 2015
Appointment of Jean-Baptiste Bachelerie as Director General of Saipol
15 Dec, 2014
BIPE and Sofiprotéol have published a research report on the ability of the oil and protein-rich crop sectors to meet global demand for oils and proteins in 2030, by addressing the challenges of population growth, changing diets and farmland management, as well as the development of renewable energies and chemistry.
06 Oct, 2014
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring energy independence and contributing to growth in our regions: the French seem convinced of the value of biofuels and their potential for progress.