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02 Jan, 2019
The Avril Group is now working with both its partner livestock farms and its consumers and customers to support the transition towards alternative eggs. This commitment is concrete, sustainable and responsible: it aims to guarantee a controlled transition that will preserve French livestock farming, its diversity and insufficiently acknowledged importance to the equilibrium of rural areas, without forgetting its ability to guarantee a degree of food independence for our country. Indeed, the French table egg sector has made an important contribution to this independence, without the need for imports and while ensuring exemplary traceability and safety.
Logo C Genial
01 Jul, 2017
Teachers in companies : C’Génial
capital filles
01 Jun, 2017
"Capital Filles" in Romania
Lesieur Cristal
01 May, 2017
Reconditioning of Ait Ali elementary school
Alliance des Viandes de France
01 Mar, 2017
Alliance des Viandes de France (French Meat Alliance)
cop22 marrakech
01 Dec, 2016
Avril at the heart of the COP22
logo oleon
01 Oct, 2016
Oleon contributes to local communities in Malaysia
23 Nov, 2015
The emergency statement that comes with 21th Conference of the parties is an opportunity to remember that the climate is the concern of all - States, citizens, but also businesses.