« Serving the Earth », from purpose to reason for acting

Under a co-construction approach lasting over three years and involving employees, representatives of upstream agriculture and the stakeholder committee, Avril has defined its purpose: "Serving the Earth".  

For Avril, "Serving the Earth" means helping to meet two major challenges: the climate emergency and population growth, which is putting more pressure than ever on our planet's resources. Taking on these challenges means we have to change our eating habits, our farming practices and our energy choices. Avril has chosen to commit to this movement and is extending its historic mission with a purpose that reaffirms its power to act.

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More than a purpose, "Serving the Earth" is a reason for acting for the people who have been making the Group what it is for nearly 40 years. Driven by this ambition, we are making a collective commitment to developing solutions that meet current challenges. It's our responsibility to make this contribution and to support this global transition movement in agriculture, food and environmental matters.  

"Serving the Earth" makes our action meaningful and guides our daily decisions for the Group's management and future growth.

Jean-Philippe Puig, CEO of Avril



Video produced by the Group employees :



At Avril, we are here for others. For men and women. For our sectors. For our regions. And for the Earth. 

We are the hyphen. The furrow.  

At our roots or thousand kilometers away, our work is all for them. 

We work towards people, feeding them with the best of Nature, providing greener energies and all the goodness of a natural chemistry.  

We work towards those who cultivate, transform or reinvent the soil. Towards our sectorswhich we make stronger for today and bolder for tomorrow.  

We work towards our planet, to protect its resources and all forms of life it hosts.  

Nurturing Humanity and Nature. Nurturing businesses and ideas.  

Avril exists to grow.  

To elevate. To reinforce. To put in motion.  

To make all thrive. 

We exist to Serve the Earth. 


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Our purpose should shake things up for us, push us to come out of our comfort zone.

Marie de la Roche Kerandraon, Vice President for Human Resources and Engagement.


"Serving the Earth" is our purpose and a reason for acting every day for Avril's 7,600 people worldwide. With the current challenges facing us, this purpose places obligations on us. That's why we've chosen six action priorities that commit us on a daily basis.  

For us, the people of Avril, who are active every day in the 19 countries where the Group operates, Serving the Earth means…  


Taking action for agriculture that respects the planet.

Because we believe in a form of agriculture that feeds people while respecting the planet, we are committed to being the link with producers that allows for dialogue and builds solutions, for healthy food and fair pay for farmers' work. 




Taking action to protect natural resources and biodiversity.  

Because we will continue to import agricultural raw materials that cannot be produced locally and come from countries at risk of deforestation or conversion of endangered ecosystems, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our palm and soya supplies come from sustainable agriculture by 2030.  



Taking action to develop local sectors.  

Because we care about keeping our regions dynamic, we are committed to speeding up the development of the local supply chains in all our fields of activity, from 2025 for 100% of our edible oils when the raw materials exist locally.



Taking action for our investments' impact.

Because we want to have a positive impact on the regions and the environment, we are committed to ensuring that by 2030, 100% of our investments, whether industrial or financial, are based on economic, environmental and social criteria.  


Taking action for the Climate. 

Because we support the United Nations' objective of limiting global warming to 2°C, which is part of the Paris Agreements, we are committed to reducing all our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 (vs. reference year 2019). 

Taking action for a collective and inclusive project.
Because we believe in the strength of the collective, which is the origin of our model and our governance, we are committed to maintaining a constant and challenging dialogue with all our stakeholders. 



At Avril, we all have the power and the duty to Serve the Earth. 


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