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Innovation is an intrinsic component in Avril’s strategic areas which aim to enable sustainable valorization of the oils and proteins sectors in France and internationally.  The Group has been built on innovation: a global pioneer in biodiesel production, but also a pioneer in edible oils (nutritional and health qualities, development of combined oils, ergonomic packaging, etc.)

Based on this sectoral expertise, Avril is pursuing its investments in research involving all links in the value chain, from seeds to consumer products.

In this context, the Group aims to create value, optimize the advantages of its manufacturing chains, anticipate market demands and prepare changes for the future: improvements to varieties, the control of crop diseases and pests, environmental progress initiatives, the prospection of new markets, the development of innovative technologies for the treatment and extraction of plant compounds, livestock husbandry and animal health, etc.

visuel-laboratoire.jpgA variety of research goals that complement the image of Avril’s activities

  • To improve plants and the conditions for their cultivation,
  • To enhance the nutritional and flavor qualities of oils, proteins and animal products for human foods,
  • To invent livestock husbandry techniques for the future in the areas of animal nutrition, health and welfare,
  • To improve technologies for the production of biofuels and their protein-rich by-products, and contribute to designing advanced biofuels that will offer new sources of renewable energy,
  • To develop innovative biosourced molecules (instead of petroleum-based products) by driving the growth of plant chemistry and environmentallyfriendly processes (extraction, biotechnologies, chemical synthesis, etc.).
In order to optimize its resources, Avril participates as an industrial and financial partner in collaborative programs that gather public and private research actors and industry. This approach is reflected by the structuring of major projects intended to better valorize the resources of different sectors; for example, developing the production and valorization of vegetable proteins. The aim of this initiative is to cope with growing global requirements and the need to feed more than 8.4 billion humans by 2030. This foresight strategy has opened up a variety of opportunities for applications that are highly promising for the future.
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“Born of reconquering the independence of the French Farm, Avril has been built on deriving value from vegetable oils. Today, we are opening a new chapter in the history of the Group and of its sector by valorizing the protein fraction of grain for use in human foods. This constitutes one of the most important RID programs initiated by Avril.”

Paul-Joël Derian, Research, Innovation and Development Vice-President

* Research, Innovation and Development