Partner platforms


The Avril Group is investing in futuristic projects designed to add value to French oilseed and protein crops. Because of Avril’s business model – which was initially driven by farmers – the Group’s values have always encouraged it to favor positive consequences that will serve the general interests of both farmers and society. According to this principle of collaboration and exchanges, research is carried out in the context of mutualized innovation platforms where Avril combines its skills and multidisciplinary efforts with those of public research, universities, technical centers, national institutes or other industrial firms (start-ups, SME, major groups, etc.).

PROTEINES FRANCE : a consortium to make France a global leader in proteins

Protéines France provides a catalyst for development of the vegetable protein sector and new resources in France.  The consortium aims to create value throughout the country by mobilizing all actors according to shared growth areas.

Protéines France focuses in particular on:

  • Structuring the French sector and initiating a federative dynamic throughout the value chain in order to develop the protein sector,
  • Facilitating public support for, and the implementation of, projects in agriculture, industry and R&D,
  • Facilitating investment in industrial assets that will contribute to the creation of jobs and value in different French regions,
  • Encouraging the creation and growth of start-ups that might rapidly develop innovations linked to the sector,
  • Providing support for communication and information on the marketing of innovative products.


IMPROVE : tools for vegetable proteins

IMPROVE (Mutualized Institute for Plant-based Proteins, or Institut Mutualisé pour les PROtéines VEgétales) is the first platform in Europe to be wholly dedicated to valorizing vegetable proteins. Launched in 2013 and based in Dury (80), it associates industrial firms, institutions and research centers in efforts to acquire knowledge of the properties of protein components and their extraction, so as to design and develop vegetable protein-based products for a wide variety of markets such as:

  • Human foods and livestock feeds,
  • Biomaterials,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Renewable chemistry.

By federating knowledge and resources, IMPROVE can accelerate innovation and the marketing of these new products.

This platform is Avril’s preferred center for research on vegetable proteins.  An initial program is focusing on the development of new techniques for the extraction of proteins from oilseed meals, a by-product of grain crushing. The aim is to extract proteins with high nutritional value for foods and feeds.

IMPROVE benefits from the support of a group of industrial companies, and from the French government through its Investments for the Future program; it has entrusted operation of this project to the Caisse des Dépôts. The Picardie Regional Council has also contributed financially to this technology center.


P.I.V.E.R.T: the plant biorefinery of the future

The mission of the P.I.V.E.R.T (Picardie Innovations Végétales, Enseignements et Recherches Technologiques, or Picardy Plant-based Innovations, Teaching and Technological Research) Institute for Energy Transition (ITE), which opened in 2012, is to develop plant chemistry using oilseed biomass. Based in Venette (60) in Picardie, it gathers the worlds of research and industry in order to build a competitive national sector and offer new markets for French producers.  Its purpose is to create oilseed biorefining for the future that will use the whole plant –using eco-processes – to obtain products for human foods and animal feeds, renewable chemistry and renewable energy. This initiative is central to our sustainable development policy as it groups different skills in plant production, technological processes and chemistry within the same geographical area. Structuring the design of biorefining aims to create a true industrial ecosystem in which the by-products of certain activities will serve as starting materials for others, with the recycling of energy, water and waste. The P.I.V.E.R.T. ITE receives contributions from its academic and industrial partners, support from the Investments for the Future program (managed by the National Research Agency), and financial participation from the Picardie Regional Council and the Compiègne Region Conurbation.