Sustainable development


The mission of the Avril Group is to create sustainable value for the vegetable oils and proteins sectors, thus contributing to better foods for humans and preservation of the planet.

To translate this mission into practical actions, from the start the Group initiated a sustainable development strategy that could respond to the demands of its stakeholders such as farmers, the historic shareholders in the Group. This strategy is central to Avril’s activities and has been structured gradually around major commitments and specific objectives, under the logic of continuous improvement.

For each of its activities, Avril has thus defined indicators to measure their contribution to sectoral growth (added value and job creation, the use of raw materials sourced in France, etc.) and to the Group’s corporate social responsibility (food production, greenhouse gas emissions, development in emerging countries, etc.).  For 13 key indicators shared throughout the Group, measurable targets have been defined to cover the period until 2020. Since 2012, these targets, and the 5 commitments to which they are attached, have constituted the foundations for the Group’s sustainable development strategy.

“Sustainable development is integral to Avril’s founding principles. As a lever for the sustainability that is central to our mission, it is reflected by the Group’s unfailing commitment to all links in the agricultural and agrifood chains. Avril has developed close relations with all actors in these sectors – farmers, livestock breeders, research scientists and investors. With them, it contributes actively to implementing progress initiatives that create value and contribute practical responses to the societal, economic and environmental challenges that are linked to sectoral growth in different regions. Through the AVRIL 2020 strategic plan, the Group has reaffirmed its commitments and broadened their application.”

Paul Joël Derian, Research, Innovation and Sustainable Development Vice-President

2017 Group Sustainability Report




THE 5 Commitments OF AVRIL

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Avril focuses on making local and sustainable investments that will contribute to the development of regions and territories. Through its close links with the farming world, the Group is committed to ensuring sectoral growth thanks to the combined development of local agricultural resources and national markets.
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Avril supports the structuring and improvement in quality of local products, the aim being to ensure food security in the regions and countries where it operates and to satisfy the demands of populations in line with their needs and expectations. Faced with the global food challenge, Avril supports the growth of worldwide consumption and helps to facilitate access to vegetable oils and livestock products for as many people as possible, while ensuring their high-quality production and nutritional value.
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Sofiprotéol, the finance and development arm of the Avril Group, contributes to creating value for France’s Farm and all its actors. An Avril subsidiary, it operates a unique business model based on investments that are sustainable, responsible, in the public interest and fully expressed in its mission to serve agriculture: to find new markets for French products, build strong sectors and encourage innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.
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As an industrial group with a central role in different agricultural sectors, Avril is committed to production that will continuously improve its environmental balance under the logic of sustainable agriculture and industrial ecology. From agriculture upstream to industry downstream, the Group implements long-term approaches to reduce its environmental footprint and increase its use of renewable energies.
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For Avril, collective performance cannot be dissociated from the fulfilment of its employees who drive its success. The Group is therefore committed to promoting equality at work and constantly improving the working conditions, health, safety and well-being of its employees, while at the same time enhancing its social and societal role. Find out about our actions in sustainable development


Avril is signatory of the United Nations Global Compact

The Avril group joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2017, thereby showing its commitment to ten universally recognized principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. This commitment also supports the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. Some of these goals are particularly relevant to Avril’s activities such as “zero hunger”, “affordable and clean energy”, “responsible consumption and production”, “climate action”. As required, Avril publishes annually a Communication On Progress (COP) regarding its actions that outlines its efforts to operate responsibly according to the ten principles.



UN Global compact



Avril, committed to the climate

The sense of urgency that pervaded the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris offered a reminder that the climate is everyone’s business – governments, citizens and also industry.

Numerous companies have introduced virtuous initiatives that have enabled progress and change. These initiatives underline the close link between their growth and performance and how they take account of their environmental, societal and economic footprints.

Avril is a good illustration of sectoral agroindustrial development that can foster this shared dimension of company growth.

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Through this Code, in the context of its relations with suppliers, Avril aims to integrate the principles of sustainable development and promote values that correspond to its social and societal ethic.
The Code testifies to the Group’s desire to sustain relationships with its suppliers that are based on mutual trust and respect, and to share responsible practices.




The Group's Code of Ethics and Good Practice offers guidelines that help Avril employees to take decisions in accordance with the principles and values that govern the activity of the Group.

In particular, you will find in this Code the procedure enabling to report infringements (“whistleblowing”) as well as the contact details of the Group Ethics Officer.