With the production of vegetable oils, animal products and livestock feeds, Avril plays a major role as a food supplier. Avril guarantees the excellent health safety, traceability and quality of its products. And because the good health and welfare of animals are prerequisites for the quality of food products, Avril supports its partner livestock farmers in the sustainable health management of their farms.



Avril complies with all regulatory requirements and international standards that guarantee high levels of health safety, traceability and quality for its products. All its industrial food processing sites are thus certified under ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management) or IFS (International Food Safety) standards in line with market requirements. And at the end of 2017, all its animal nutrition sites in France received OQUALIM-RCNA certification, the reference in the sector in terms of quality and health safety.



Popularity of “natural” products, organic food, local origin, environment-friendly products, animal welfare… Consumers’ expectations are illustrated in many ways.

With its sectorial model, Avril guarantees the traceability of its products, which is a sign of confidence for the consumer. In that respect, the brand “Fleur de Colza” (Lesieur) relies on a specific network gathering over 1,000 rapeseed producers, and is based on specifications which ensure the omega-3 level of the oil and the implementation of environment-friendly agricultural practices.

Avril Livestock Sectors has a proven expertise to help the farmers to address the emerging trends (demedicalization, animal welfare, short food supply chains, etc.). This Domain develops sectors of excellence – such as the pork sector named “Engages dans l’Elevage” (Committed to Livestock) – and supports its partner livestock farmers in converting their farms.

Lastly, the organic production holds an increasingly important place within the main Group businesses. Organic ambitions have been defined in several activities: Oils & Condiments, Eggs, Livestock feed.



Avril’s role to feed the planet is central to its mission. It is the primary reason for the existence of the oils and proteins sectors. To meet global food challenges and increasing demands for lipids and proteins, the Group’s commitment is to enable access to oils and animal products for the largest possible community, while ensuring the quality and nutritional value of its products.


Innovating to valorise vegetable protein

The global demand for proteins (plant and animal proteins) will increase by 40% by 2030 as the global population is growing*. This results from a double dietary transition: an interest for plant proteins as alternatives to animal proteins in the developed countries, and an important increase in meat consumption in the emerging ones.

To meet this double challenge, Avril aims, on the one hand, at diversifying its market opportunities by developing the production of oilseed meals which are richer in proteins for livestock feeds; and, on the other hand, to develop new processes and products to use plant proteins in human food.

*BIPE et Sofiprotéol, 2014. La filière des oléoprotéagineux pour répondre aux enjeux globaux à horizon 2030.



Avril’s conviction is that we must act for animal welfare; this is both an ethical requirement and a key aspect of the quality of our products.
In early 2017, Avril adopted a policy on the welfare of farmed livestock. This document establishes the framework of our employees in the Group and also applies to the French livestock farms included in our scope of responsibility.

You can read our 2021 policy  to find out more about our work on animal welfare.


Better care for animals to enable better food for humans

In the context of the French government’s Ecoantibio plan for 2012-2017, Avril has mobilized its expertise around Sustainable Animal Health Management in order to limit the use of antibiotics in livestock production, thus reducing the risks of onset of bacterial resistance in humans.
To achieve these objectives, Avril’s teams base their policy on five pillars: safe livestock management practices, a well-balanced diet that favors the development of an animal’s immunity, the strict application of biosecurity, recourse to the development of natural alternatives and the appropriate use of medication when it is essential to restore health and prevent suffering.
This global approach can ensure sustainable improvements in animal health. For more information, go to the page that focuses on our Sustainable Animal Health Management program.



To find out more about the way Avril creates value to the benefit of its clients and consumers, check Avril’s Annual Report or visit the online version on https://rapportannuel.groupeavril.com/en