Avril develops different types of stakeholders dialogue processes, at a local level (sites) as well as at an institutional one (corporate and subsidiaries): this includes partnerships implemented in the framework of specific projects (with NGOs for instance), or in relationship with CSR policies (to build a materiality matrix, as Saipol has).

In order to better take into account societal expectations, a Stakeholder Committee will be launched by the end of 2019.

At a Group level, an initiative of openness dedicated to local stakeholders is being rolled out locally, in the territories. Since 2018, meetings have been organized for local representatives and agricultural producers within the regions where Avril’s plants are located. These meetings offer a presentation of the oil and protein sector, a visit of the plant and, and a discussion over the political and economic challenges of the sector.


To find out more about the way Avril creates value with its stakeholders, check Avril’s Annual Report or visit the online version on https://rapportannuel.groupeavril.com/en/sharing-value