Listening to customers, society and the Group's whole environment is essential if we are to make progress in the field of social responsibility. In this spirit of openness, Avril meets with elected representatives and farmers in the regions and has regular discussions with a committee of people from outside the company.

In a world that's moving faster all the time, undergoing profound and sometimes brutal changes, the Group wanted to increase its openness to civil society. In 2019, it set up a Stakeholder Committee to structure its dialogue with the latter. The Committee is made up of ten figures from civil society and has a consultative role. One of its main aims is to provide food for thought for the Group, in the light of social challenges. The Avril Stakeholder Committee met three times in 2020 (March, June, October). The question of the Group's reason for existing was a thread running through the year's discussions.

A constructive, transparent and regular dialogue with our local stakeholders is a source of shared opportunities. Emboldened by this conviction, Avril has been rolling out its Avril Communities initiative for two years now. The aim is to strengthen ties between the directors of industrial sites and stakeholders in their territory. Since 2018, meetings have been organised for elected representatives and farmers in the regions where our factories are located. On each occasion, there has been a presentation about the oilseeds sector, a site tour, and conversations on the main political and economic challenges facing the industry. In 2020, during the public health crisis, dialogue with the local authorities increased and helped us to form bonds of trust.

To find out more about the way Avril creates value with its stakeholders, check Avril’s Annual Report or visit the online version on https://rapportannuel.groupeavril.com/en/sharing-value