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Some highlights in our sectors in 2018

Avril today

Cultivate Tomorrow

Our ecosystem

A rapidly-changing and complex ecosystem, source of challenges and opportunities

Our strategy

4 strategic areas serving a sustainable and competitive agricultural and agroindustrial model

How we share value

Serving the Group's mission, a creation of value shared at all levels

Our performance

Financial and extra-financial performance of the Avril group in 2018
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Avril today
Our ecosystem
Our strategy
How we share value
Our performance

From grain to Oleo100

The first energy generated by French agriculture that is 100% plant-based, renewable and traceable

From olives to the table

Avril becomes the third largest branded olive oil group in the world.

From animal nutrition to welfare

The Avril Group considers the needs of its consumers, clients and partner livestock farmers with the utmost attention

From Sofiprotéol to the French Farm

Sofiprotéol engages with the entreprises of the agrifood and agro-industry world

Editorial: We remain loyal to our undertakings

Interview with Arnaud Rousseau, Chairman of Avril Gestion, and Jean-Philippe Puig, Avril’s CEO

From grain to final products

Our mission : To create sustainable value in the vegetable oils and proteins sector, thus contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

A 35-year history,two complementary activities

In 35 years of history, Avril has become an industrial and financiel group gathering almost 7,500 employees, with two complementary and diversified activities at all levels in the chain.


A singular model needs original governance. In 2015, the Avril Group equipped itself with the legal status of a limited partnership with share capital (Société en Commandite par Actions, SCA) to preserve the long-term future of its founding principles.

New consumer demands

Consumers are now increasingly inclined to adopt sustainable consumption modes and are developing greater awareness to the environment and farming practices. These expectations are expressed in a variety of ways: healthy, natural or organic products of national or even local origin that will not harm health or the planet and will respect animal welfare, etc.

The demographic challenge

This is the primary component of global food issues and account must be taken of a dual evolution: economic development and growing urbanization of the middle classes, notably in Asia and Africa.

Agriculture as a regional bond

In France, the decline of periurban and rural areas in recent years has resulted in the disappearance of public services, small retailers, banks, public transport and hospitals, etc. In parallel, agriculture has continued to suffer: a sustained downturn in the number of farms, aging of the population and a drop in income levels.

The climate challenge

The urgency of the situation requires widespread mobilization, notably by the towns and companies that possess certain levers to slow the warming of our planet. Agriculture, industry and transport contribute to climate change and to the solutions that can be implemented to limit it, and these are three sectors where Avril is an active operator.

Uncertainty and volatility

Summarized by the acronym VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), a concept inherited from the US Army, the world at present is characterized by perpetual change and particularly its growing unpredictability.

AVRIL 2023

A strategy responding to the demands of our customers and consumers

1 - Preparing the future

Innovating to respond to consumer demands and to the needs of farmers by providing them with solutions.

2 - Developing specialties

Reinforcing activities with high added value and international growth potential.

3 - Reducing exposure to risk

Gaining in industrial and environmental performance, securing commodity activities so that they become profitable and sustainable.

4 - Pursuing our transformation

Completing the administrative and human consolidation of the Group, modernizing its industrial facilities and measuring its progress.

How we share value

For the first time, Avril publishes a diagram representing how its financial flows are broken down between its various stakeholders, and analyses more closely how its activities are creating value.

Sharing value with partners in our sectors

The undertaking: to participate in developing and strengthening sustainable value chains

Sharing value with customers and consumers

The undertaking: to respond to demands for quality and sustainability from customers and consumers

Sharing value to benefit the planet

The undertaking: to protect the planet and its resources

Sharing value with our employees

The undertaking: to cultivate our values to work better together

Sharing value with our stakeholders and society

The undertaking: to engage with our stakeholders

Deciphering the financial and extra-financial year

After two difficult years and a first quarter 2018 still affected by an adverse context, Avril’s situation recovered markedly in the second half of 2018.


Indicator tables of the Sustainable development frame for the year 2018

Financial information

Financial information tables for the year 2018